Resident Housing Agreements and Deposits for Incoming Students

Incoming Freshman and Transfer Students (See note below for incoming students in the Spring 2017) All incoming students are required to complete one of the two housing options.

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Click on Student, Student Life, See the agreements

Students must choose one of the two housing options.

Resident Housing Agreement 2016-2017

The first option is to accept a housing agreement for students planning to live in university housing during the entire academic year. Students who complete this agreement will be required to make a $200 payment by e-check or credit card (a service fee is applied) online.

Read the agreement.

Click the "I agree" button at the bottom of the screen.

Click "Next"

You will get a payment message.

Click "continue with application"

Select payment method - credit card (includes 2.5% convenience fee) or e Check (no convenience fee) Note: MasterCard, Discover, Visa, and American Express are accepted.

Continue to payment page and enter payment information. You must click the continue button on this page to properly submit your housing.

Receive "Thank You" notice guiding you to enter housing preferences and print receipt. This Thank You note will include a link to RoomSync a Facebook Application we purchased to help students find potential roommates. RoomSync passcodes will be emailed to incoming students periodically at the SU email account as well.

Non-Resident Housing Exemption 2016-2017

The second option is to sign a Non-Resident Housing Exemption. Entering first year and transfer students having fewer than 30 (between 1 -29) undergraduate college level transferable credits are required to live in university housing. Students who plan to commute from the home of their parents or legal guardians within 50 miles of campus, those age 21 years or older, and/or legally married may be exempt from the housing requirement. If a student accepts this agreement they are stating one of the exceptions apply to them. At the bottom of the page a student can agree or not agree and continue as directed.

Students who have confirmed housing (signed a housing agreement and paid a housing deposit) with Shippensburg University can go online and complete housing.

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Note: These instructions will be similar for incoming student for Spring 2017. You would use the application status for the Spring 2017 semester and the agreements would be noted for 2016-2017.