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Welcome to Shippensburg University Housing!

At Shippensburg University students can select your own roommates and rooms. You will be able to search for potential roommates with a FaceBook Application called RoomSync. After deciding who you want to live with you have the option of selecting from 14 different Living Learning Communities or a non-Living Learning Community room. Most of your individual housing will be completed in the MyHousing portal. This website at describes the Buildings, Suite Styles, and Living Learning Communities. Floor plans, utility services, and other important housing details are described as well.

The housing calendar provides hall closing and break information.

Summer housing is available to all students in the summer months. Shippensburg University provides a Summer Bridge program for academic success.

Forms are used to request housing services.

Mailing addresses are emailed to students shortly before opening. All students receive mail at the CUB UPS Center on campus.

Several employment opportunities are available to students on campus. We hire Resident Directors who are graduate students who run each suite building, Resident Assistants who reside in each hallway, and Desk Assistants who oversee the lobby areas of each hall desk.

FAQs Fees

Incoming Students

Follow these incoming student housing instructions for completing your housing.

What to Bring/Not Bring Take a look at the New Student Housing Check List ahead of time to figure out what you'll need to live on campus.

Move In Day is always a bustle of activity inside and outside our residence halls. We'll have student volunteers and university staff on-hand to help make things go as smoothly as possible for you, and your patience and cooperation are appreciated.

Fall 2018 Arrival Dates and Check-In Times

Incoming freshman may be assigned to any of the six suite buildings, Harley, Kieffer, Lackhove, McCune, Seavers, or Naugle Halls. Seavers and Naugle Hall will be Freshman Only in 2018-2019. If you are a new student, check-in dates and times will be will be set by hall and home zip code on the Wednesday, August 22, 2018 or Thursday, August 23, 2018 before classes begin.

When You Arrive

  • Pull your vehicle into a designated unloading zone near your hall.
  • Unload your belongings at the curb and have someone move your vehicle to a nearby lot.
  • Orientation personnel will be available to assist moving your belongings into the building.
  • Report to the check-in location in your hall's lobby.
  • Receive your keys, Room Condition Report, and other check-in materials. Also you will have the opportunity to purchase a hall association sticker for $5.00.

Returning Students

Follow these returning or graduate student housing instructions for completing your housing.

Spring 2018 Arrival and Check-In times
Harley, Kieffer, Lackhove, McCune, Naugle, and Seavers Hall
Returning students will arrive on Sunday, January 21, 2018 after 1:00 p.m.

Fall 2018 Arrival Dates and Check-In Times
Harley Hall, Kieffer Hall, Lackhove Hall, and McCune Hall
Returning students will arrive on Saturday, August 25, 2018 after 9:00 a.m.

An off campus housing directory is available for students who are exempt from the housing requirement.

Graduate Students

Graduate students are welcome to live in university housing. Students should contact the Housing Office to establish the online agreement. Once a housing agreement and deposit are in place students complete housing according to the returning or graduate student housing instructions.


Whether you are sending your first or your fifth child off to college this is a very exciting time in both your child's life and your life. Support and guidance for your child through this very important transition can be both fun and challenging. The Housing Office is here to assist your student and we look forward to answering any questions you may have. Students may need your assistance as they navigate through the MyHousing portal. Each student will complete one of two housing agreements, decide who to live with the assistance of RoomSync, and select their own room.We encourage participation in one of our Living Learning Communities. Students living in an LLC can request a roommate who is not participating in the LLC. Students who do not select a room will be placed by the Housing Office. It is important to discuss the various housing options and assist your student in selection a room type or suite style while allowing them to make the choice and process the housing themselves. The agreement is in the student's secure portal and should be signed by the student as the student is liable for the agreement.

Housing is processed on an academic year basis. Students must vacate their assignment over Thanksgiving, Winter Break, and Spring Break according to the Housing Calendar. Belongings may be stored throughout the academic year although we recommend removing more valuable items over the break periods.

Important Information for Current Students about Housing Changes and Closings

Thanksgiving Break Bulletin

Emailed to Students on Nov. 1, 2017

Housing Transitions for Current Students between Fall 2017 and Spring 2018 Semesters
Emailed to Students on Nov. 6, 2017

Residence Hall Closing Bulletin Emailed to Students November 17, 2017

Students will receive break and closing information from the Housing Office through their Ship email accounts. Student who arrive early or stay during break periods will need permission. Belongings can remain in the suites throughout the academic year. Agreements are for the full academic year unless a student requests special permission to stay one semester for graduation, student teaching, or studying abroad. Housing assignments usually do not change unless the student requests a room change after the second week of classes each semester. The Housing Office does reserve the right to consolidate rooms. Most residents maintenance and roommate issues are resolved through the residence life staff of the suites after the students move in. Students who withdrawal during the period of occupancy have 24-48 hours to remove their belongings from the room. Student's are billed until they have completed a proper check-out.

Checking Out of the Hall Students complete a withdrawal from residence hall form, room condition report, and turn in the room key to the residence life staff. Mailbox keys are returned the CUB UPS Center.