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McLean Hall Rm 113
Phone: (717) 477-1701
Fax: (717) 477-4040

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Damage and Billing

TV Services

TV services include:

  • Traditional Television -- Shippensburg University students residing in the main on-campus housing receive entertainment programming from the campus satellite and off-air master antennas located on campus.
  • IP Television -- Student residing in the main on-campus housing  will also have available to them an exciting new service called Philo.
  • HBO Go -- Students residing in on-campus housing is HBO Go. You get your very own HBO GO account and can watch HBO whenever (and wherever) you want on your laptop, phone, iPad, Xbox 360 and other devices. HBO Go will work on and off-campus.

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Two telephone jacks are located in each residence hall room. 

  1. Currently, a student in one of the existing residence halls should contact the Telephone Repair Office. They can either call x1887 on campus, or 717-477-1887 from off campus phones. They may also email Darlene Price at . They will ask for a telephone line to be activated in their room. Darlene will have additional questions, and will notify the user of the extension number that will be assigned. Our turnaround time may be 3-4 business days.  
  2. At present, there is no cost for the dial tone into the room. In addition, voicemail is provided free-of-charge, if the student prefers to use our voicemail instead of an answering machine. Incoming calls can be placed to the room. No collect calls are permitted. Campus call (four digit dialing), local calls (Shippensburg local exchange numbers) and Toll-free calls may be made at no charge. Dialing instructions may be found at . It should be noted that local calls do not include all of the 717 area code, only Shippensburg local exchange.  
  3. No long distance service is provided by the campus any longer. There simply was very little interest in supporting that type of service. Callers may acquire a pre-paid calling card from local retail locations. These services provide an 800 access number, and allow the caller to draw from their pre-paid levels to make toll calls.  
  4. In the future, the new campus apartments are slated to have a less saturated level of service. Telephone service will be available on a first come first served basis, but we expect sufficient dial tone to be available based on current trends. The same level of service will be available; incoming, campus, local and toll-free outgoing calls, and voicemail. The only difference is that we expect there will be a semester or annual fee associated with the requested service. Hopefully, we will be able to keep these charges low enough to keep this a good value.    

  University Mail Services

Mail is delivered to the mail center in the CUB (Ceddia Union Building) at the New UPS Store.  

Beginning Fall 2012 all residential student mail will be handled by The UPS Store which will be centrally located in the new addition of the Ceddia Union Building. Each residential student will be assigned a mail box with key in which all posted mail will be placed. The operating hours of the new student mail center will be 10 AM – 7 PM Monday – Friday and 10 AM to 2 PM on Saturday. Summer Hours are Monday through Friday 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Closed Saturday and Sunday.  Accountable mail, which includes express, certified, registered or insured mail or parcels, or any packages sent through courier services such as UPS, FEDEX or DHL must be picked up during these hours. You will be required to show your student ID and sign for these packages.   Mail that fits into the box may be picked up during operating hours or after hours by using your residence hall key card to access the mail center. After hours access will be Monday thru Saturday until 11 pm. To let resident students know if they have mail or parcels to pick-up The UPS Store will be sending emails to your student email address. Packages not retrieved within 30 days will be returned to the sender.  

A variety of products and services will be available at the new student mail center including the ability to send outgoing packages through UPS and letters and parcels through the United States Postal Service (USPS), the purchase of postage stamps, notary services, color/ black and white copy services, document binding services, incoming/outgoing fax services,    passport photos, scanning of documents, and much more.  

Students are no longer required to take larger or heavier letters and parcels directly to the post office. Additionally, students can send certified mail, return receipt, and delivery confirmation from the new mail center.  

To ensure quick and accurate delivery of your incoming mail and parcels, please use the following mail address:  

  • Students full name   
    Shippensburg University  
    408 Lancaster Drive   
    # xxxx (students mailbox number which will be assigned)  
    Shippensburg,  PA 17257  

Students who do not live on campus should not include Shippensburg University in any portion of their mailing address. Stone Ridge Commons is not an on campus mail address and requires the proper postage and proper addressing format.   

The address is:

  • Student's Full Name
    Room number - Stone Ridge Commons
    Shippensburg, PA 17257

Mail and parcels will not be forwarded during short breaks or between Fall and Spring terms. 1st class mail can be forwarded following the Spring term by completing an address change/forwarding address card available at the Student Mail Center.   The sender of Magazines, newspapers and other 3rd class mail must be contacted directly to change the delivery address.  


Laundry facilities ar e located in each residence hall. Ironing boards are available, but irons are not provided. NEW Payment options: Laundry machines now accept coins, VISA-logoed ATM cards, or credit cards (VISA, Mastercard or Discover).  

All washers are energy-saving front load washers. They use much less water than a standard top load washer and REQUIRE that you use LIQUID HIGH-EFFICIENCY DETERGENT for best results. The new liquid detergent pods/pacs are acceptable for use. Please place them in the washer drum instead of the detergent drawer.     

If you have any issues with a machine (service or payment issue), please contact Caldwell & Gregory at 800-927-9274 or via email at  

Wavevision Online Monitoring - You can now check on the status of the washers and dryers in your building, check the status of the washer or dryer you are using, and even get email or text messages when your laundry is ready!  

  1. Go to  
  2. Select your zip code and your building  
  3. Choose a user name and password (only needs to be completed once)    

Now you are ready to log in and “see” your laundry room!  

Laundry Brochure