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Instructional Design & Web Technologies Workshop Schedule

Instructional Design & Web Technologies department offers a wide variety of workshops. Please  let us know if you have a specific topic you would like covered!

Register via email at idwt@ship.edu. Please include the name and date of the workshop in your email.

We're available for individual consultations!

Need help? Please call and we will schedule a session with you.

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D2L Upgrade Complete

The upgrade of PASSHE's D2L environment from version 10.2 to version 10.3 has been completed. If you experience any issues in D2L and require immediate assistance, please contact the 24/7 D2L Help Desk at 877-325-7778 or helpdesk@desire2learn.com.

All other questions or concerns should be directed to IDWT@ship.edu.

Preparing for the D2L Upgrade

The PASSHE system is moving from D2L v10.2 to v10.3 on May 10, 2014. The D2L system will be unavailable from 12:01am until 2:00pm, May 10. Although we expect to have a smooth transition, it is suggested that faculty export their grade book prior to May 10 and download any student work from the dropbox that has not been graded because of the timing of this upgrade.  

To prepare for the upgrade you'll need to perform the following tasks:

  1. Back up your Grades area by Exporting the gradebook.
  2. Back up student submissions in the Dropbox area (if desired)

Exporting Grades

 Exporting grades to a Desire2Learn course produces a comma separated values file (.csv), with the students' information separated by commas.  This file can then opened with Excel and saved as an Excel file (.xlsx).

NOTE: To maintain an up-to-date backup, export a Grades List several times during the semester as well as at the end of the semester

  1. On the Course Home Page navigation bar, click the Grades link. The User List screen appears.
  2. Click the Export button. The Export Grades pane appears.
  3. In the Export Options section, select the desired options.
  4. In the "Choose Grades to Export," sections, select the appropriate grade items.
  5. Click Export to CSV at the bottom of the page. The "Export Grades" dialog box appears.
  6. Click the grade link. The "File Download" dialog box appears.
  7. Click the Save button. The "Save As.." dialog box appears.
  8. Find and select the desired save location.
  9. Click the Save button. The "Download complete" dialog box appears.
  10. Click Close. The grades are exported.

Save Student Work from the Dropbox

  1. On the Course Home Page navigation bar, click the Dropbox link. The Dropbox area appears.
  2. Click on a Dropbox folder link.
  3. On the Users tab, click on the Select All checkbox. Number 1 (Suggestion: Change the number users on the page to 100 to ensure that you have selected all student work from the Dropbox) 

      Select all student work to download by first clicking on the Select All checkbox, then clicking on the
  4. Once all checkboxes have been selected, click on the Download submissions from selected users icon. Number 2 
  5. D2L will generate a zip file. Click on the zip file link to save the file to your hard drive.
  6. When the file has downloaded, click on the Close button in the dialog box.

Commenting In Word

A great tutorial for making comments in Microsoft Word: http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/training/audio-course-revise-documents-with-track-changes-and-comments-RZ001160037.aspx?CTT=1