Adding Bookmarks

Use a bookmark to let a site visitor “jump” from any word or phrase to another place in the same content block.

Bookmarks are particularly helpful on a long page. For example, your Web page contains minutes from several meetings, and the top of the page lists meeting dates. You could assign a hyperlink to each date, and a bookmark to each set of minutes. A site visitor can click any date to “jump” (using the bookmark) to those minutes.

To use a bookmark, you create 2 things:

  • a source—text a user clicks to jump to the bookmark
  • a destination—the location to which the cursor jumps when the source is clicked

It may be easier to create all bookmarks first then link them. Have the inspector open.


  1. Click where you wish to add bookmark ( the destination)
  2. From the insert toolbar select add Bookmark
    Bookmark menu
  3. Click on bookmark, then name in Inspector

  4. Create and link the question

    select bookmark
  5. In Inspector select bookmark (click on the link)

    Select  Bookmark Link
  6. Save or Publish the page