LMS Update

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What's New in D2L 10.5

Online Rooms (Blackboard Collaborate)

D2L Quickstart (PDF)


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Instructional Design & Web Technologies Workshop Schedule

Instructional Design & Web Technologies department offers a wide variety of workshops. Please  let us know if you have a specific topic you would like covered!

Register via email at idwt@ship.edu. Please include the name and date of the workshop in your email.

We're available for individual consultations!

Need help? Please call and we will schedule a session with you.

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Access CMS Help


Access Help:

    • From Either edit option Select Workarea from the Upper Edit Bar (above the header and global navigation)

      CMS Upper Edit bar 
    • Select  Help from Workarea menu

      WorkArea Menu

    • This will open a window offering numerous help options

      Help window