Create Links


Hyperlinks :

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  • After  selecting the desired Edit function, Highlight the text you wish to make a link
  • Select Add a hypertext link

    Add Link

  • This will display a window where you can add an external URL

    Link Window 
  •   To connect Ship Content HTML Content or PDF (including your own pages)  click back on the new link and open the Inspector.  Then click on the link.  This will open a basic or advanced link editor.

    inspector tab
  • If scrolling for a Ship link, Select "scroll to content" icon (see above).  Make sure you have Quicklinks selected for type (in upper right box). New window will open.  Select specific folder where the link is located.  Click Insert to add the link or double click on the file name.

      Link File Locator 

Email Link

  • To insert an Email link, follow instructions above.  Select Email in the Inspector, add Email address and subject.

    Link email


Bookmarks are markers on a page that you can direct page links to.

  • Create Bookmarks -- Click where you want to add bookmark and select bookmark from Insert menu
    Bookmark menu

  • Name Bookmark.  It is best to create all bookmarks you will be using on a page before creating links
    Name Bookmark

  • Link to Bookmarks -- Type in a list of Bookmark link titles (usually at top of page or section).  Insert a link for each title ( see general link instructions).  Open the Inspector.  In the content click on the link title.
  • In the Inspector -- Select Link, Existing Bookmark, then select desired bookmark from the list of existing bookmarks.

    Link to Bookmark


  • Using Edit in Context  -- Click on the content again select File from menu tab.  Select appropriate Save Option. 
  • Using Edit -- Click on the Edit header.  Select appropriate Save Option