Create New Content

Create New Content 

  • Go to the WorkArea in upper edit bar

    CMS Upper Edit bar
  • Select Content (upper right screen in Work Area).  Click selected folder on left.  Select New in View Contents.

    New Content Folder
  • This will open a type menu.  Select HTML Content

    New Content Type

  • This will open a new Content Window.  Create a Title (This is the title that will appear on the menu). Add and format content.

      New Content Window 
  • Save -- Click on the content again select File from menu tab.  Select Publish from the edit menu
  • Link  from desired location

Adding New PDF Documents

Most files can and should be created as HTML content.  PDF is OK for larger or structured documents, but use judiciously.

Go to the Work Area to add new content (see above)

Browse to folder where you will add the content (see above)

Click New > DMS Document

New- DMS

The Upload Document window opens

Browse to PDF

1. Name your new content (no slashes)
2.  Browse to the document you wish to add
3.  Publish the document

  • Link content from somewhere in your pages 

Adding Metadata

In order to help make your new content become more accessible and easily searchable to visitors of your page please be sure to insert keywords or a description into the Metadata tab when Editing in the work area.