Adding a Rotating Picture Collection to Your University Web Page

What is Flickr?

Flickr is an image and video hosting website. It is a good tool to store, sort, search and share your photos online. Flickr helps you organize your photos for great slideshows. We suggest creating slideshows in Flickr and embedding them into your pages.


Understanding Flickr Terms of Service policy and Shippensburg Social Media Policies

Flickr Community Guidelines:
Flickr Terms of Service:

Please make sure you read, understand and follow the Shippensburg University Social Media Guidelines available at: ttp:// It is always a good idea to obtain permission from the students in your pictures before posting them on our University site or on a site outside of the University. If you are posting images of non-University students or student groups, please consult with Office of University Communications & Marketing at 717-477-1202 or before posting.

Steps to creating a slideshow

  1. Create an account on Flickr
  2. Flickr Photostream, sets and collections.
  3. Add images (single photos and/or a batch of photos) to Flickr
  4. Create Sets and Organize Images for Slides
  5. Embed Flickr code in a Shippensburg University CMS (web page

Create an account on Flickr

Even if you have a personal account Yahoo! account, instructors may want to create an account that is separate from personal information and contains only University related images.

Register for an Account

  1. Flickr sign upGo to
  2. Click on the "Create Your Account" button located in the top right corner.
  3. Click on "Sign Up" to register for a free account.
  4. Fill in the information requested in the three sign-up steps.
  5. If you're creating a new Yahoo! account, you'll receive two emails:
    1. a confirmation email with a link you need to click to activate your account.
    2. an email with a clickable link that will verify your email address.
  6. Open both emails and click on the provided links.
  7. Return to Flickr's home page. Click on the Sign-In button.

    flickr sign in

    Flickr Photostream,sets and collections

    • Photostream – All photos that are uploaded into Flickr are housed in the Photostream with the most recent photos first. You can sort your photos into Sets, however, they still remain part of the Photostream.
    • Sets – A set contains photos. Instructors can create Sets using a Free Account. Using sets allows you to organize your images for slideshows. Images in a set should be the same size.
    • Collection – A collection can contain sets (or other collections). Collections are ONLY available to PRO customers. If you have a free account, you cannot create a Collection.

      Adding and Labeling Images in Flickr

      Flickr Add

      To upload photos

      1. Log into Flickr.
      2. Click on Add

        Note: When you Add photos and videos to Flickr, there are two steps. You must Add and then Upload to your account.

        Select Images
      3. Navigate to the location of photos or video that you want to select.
      4. You can select multiple images to upload.
        Click on the first image to upload and then click and hold the shift key to select the last image in the list.
      5. Click on the Open button.

        Note: The Up loader can only handle up to 200 files at a time.

      6. Define ImagesOnce you have added photos to Flicker, the photos are defaulted to being selected with a pink bar around them. Note: you can upload the pictures you have added and make edits later or you can edit the images at this step.

        The left side panel appears with the following Editing options.

        Add a description: allow you to give your photo a title and description.

        Add tags: allow you to identify people to let them know they are in the shot.

        Add People: allow you to add names, emails of people you want to share photos.

        Add to Set: Allows you to organize your photos or lets others easily find them with descriptive tags. It lets you create new sets, and move photos into these sets.

        Note: Users with free Flickr accounts can create up to 3 sets. If you need more, upgrading to a Pro user status gives you unlimited photo sets.

        Add to Groups: If you belong to a Flickr group, it lets you post photos to your group(s).

        Owner settings:
        When you click on the Owner settings, privacy options appear as seen. You can select the options for selected image.
      7. The edit features for photos can be completed during or after you have uploaded them to your account.

      8. Click on the Upload to Photostream to save the photos to your account.

        Flickr upload

      9. Then a publishing progress bar will appear if there are a lot of pictures to upload. It defaults to having the images to Public

      Create Sets and Organize Images for Slides

      You are now ready to describe, organize and control privacy of your photos/videos using the options provided on the tool bar above your photostream.

      1. Click on Sets from the main menu.

        Flickr Sets

      2. Click on Add New Set

        flickr + Sets
      3. Name the new set of pictures in the ‘new set’ area.
        You can add a description of the set of pictures below.
      4. Drag images from the bottom tray to the set.
      5. Click Save under the description box when finished organizing the set

      Batch Organizing and Editing

      Once you have organized a set of pictures, Flickr allows you to Batch organize by arranging, and editing properties for the full batch of images in a set. "Batch Organize" will let you work with multiple photos at one time. If you have a group of photos you know are going into the same photoset with the same tag(s), working here will help you.

      1. Click on Batch Organize.

        Flickr Batch Organize
      2. Use the Menu options that appear in this area to Arrange and Edit Batches of images

      Embed the Slideshow

      1. From the home page of Flickr, click on Sets.

        flicker  sets
      2. Click on the set you want to embed on your webpage
      3. Once the set is loaded, the address of your image set will appear in the address bar.
      4. Then, in your browser's address bar, Type in the word /show after the address and press enter.

        Flickr show code
      5. Now, once the slideshow loads, in the top right, click Share and then you'll see the embed code

        Flickr Share
      6. Click on “Customize this HTML” and Flickr will direct you to the Embed this slideshow on another website page.

        Flickr Costomize HTML
      7. Copy the HTML using Ctrl-C or Right click and select Copy
      8. Embed Media
        1. Use Insert Embedded Media
          1. Click wher you wish to Embed Media
          2. select Embed Media from Insert menu
            Embed Tool
          3. Add Code snippetin Embed window
            Media --Add snippet
          4. Save or Publish your page

      Notes on Embedded Flickr Slideshow:

      • Set the size of the preset slideshow to small or medium. Larger sizes will drop under the right column
      • You can create custom sizes ,but don't make them wider than 570 pixels
      • You can also share your Flickr images and slideshows on your Facebook page or blog
      • Flickr allows you to preview your choices
      • Only images that are marked viewable by anyone and safe will appear in the embedded slideshow
      • As you add, or delete pictures from your Flickr set, Flickr automatically updates pictures that view on your website. You should not have to copy and paste the code again unless you use another set from Flickr on your webpage.