Inserting Images

  • Click in the document where you wish to insert an image. Then click on

    Select Image
  • This will open an Image Library Window

    Image Library
  • This window allows you to select from images in you folder or other folders in the CMS
    • Click in the library select images. You will see images that are in your folder. You may select images or scroll to another folder and select an image from there. Double click to insert.
    • There is a Ship/images folder which includes groups of images.

Inserting New Images

  • To insert new images into the library – in document select library, then select Add Library item Add Image.  An Add File screen appears. Upload the image from your source. Make sure you have resized and edited the image before you add it to the library ( See Photo Editing below). 
  • folder stores images that can be inserted into editor content.
  • Note: Edit and resize your images in an image editor, such as Photoshop or Paint. Do not import images larger than 72dpi or 550 pixels. 

Style the Image

  • After you have inserted the image, Set image properties by clicking on the image, then choosing the Inspector.  It is located in the Review tab
    inspector tab.
    This is where you can apply the various styles supplied by the Web Services team to your content. The available styles will be impacted by the specific type of content you’re editing (Text, link, images, buttons).
  • The inspector offers a basic and an advanced editor.  Properties include alignment, borders, spacing, alternative text, and size.

    Inspector Basic 

    Inspector Advanced 


  • Click on the content again select File from menu tab.  Select appropriate Save Option. 

Changing Images 

  • Click on the image you wish to change
  • Open the Inspector, Select the image tab if not highlighted or double click on image.
  • Browse for File
    Image replace
  • Type in title, Select image

    Image Browse for File

Photo Editing

You should never import large images (800+ pixels wide and/or a higher resolution than 72 dpi) into the CMS. You should use Photoshop, Photoshop Elements or other software to alter the images before importing. You can do some editing online at download freeware GIMP at

Adding Links To Images

You are able to create links on your created images by following the same process found on the Creating Links Page.  Follow the instructions found on the page, but instead of selecting text be sure to select your image.