Review andPublish Checked-in Files

Individuals in an approval group can share and update content without making changes public.

Edit the Content and Checkin

  1. Login to the CMS
  2. Select Edit mode
  3. Follow editing instructions to editcontent
  4. Select checkin for the save option
    Edit Save Options

Review and Approve Content Changes

  1. Log in to the CMS.
  2. Select the workarea (upper right).
  3. Select content
    Select Content
  4. Scroll toyour folder(left side). The folder may have subfolders so click on the + to see those. Once you have selected the folder thecontent files will show on the right. Select Folder
  5. All of the files with an “I” in the statushave been edited and checked in
  6. You will want to click on the file title you wish to open
  7. Then select “Edit” from the toolbar
  8. You will see the changes that have been made
  9. You may review and publish or make additional changes and check the file back in
  10. Select “Publish” from the toolbar. Publish will push updated content to the web
  11. Click on the folder name on the left and repeat the process for other checked in files.