Right Column Collections

The boxes on the right are called collections and they contain content items.

Edit the Content in the Right Column Collection

You can edit the content items using "edit" as you would any other content item.

View and Edit Collections

  1. Select "Workarea". Navigate to your folder, select "View" from folder menu, then select "Menu".

    View Collections
  2. All collections should be named “Right Col #”. They are ordered on the web page according to number.Select "ADD" to add new collections here. There is a limit of five collections.

    Add Collection
  3. Collections display content items, by selecting one of the collections you can view the content items in that collection. You can then ADD ITEMS. You can also remove, reorder, or delete the content item. Warning "delete" deletes the item from the CMS not just from the collection.

    Collections-add content
  4. Check the boxes of the content items you wish to add to the collection, then select "ADD". Remove content item is similar.

    collection Checkbox