Basic Web Page Editing Within the CMS

The most significant changes to Ektron 9 is the addition of the bar at the top of the page and the new Aloha Editor. For most users, the most important thing to notice will be the clickable slider at the top.

Edit Aloha Slider 

Select Edit Options

  • After you have logged in to the CMS and navigated to the section you have permissions to edit, select "switch to edit" as shown above.  Before you can edit a content item, you will need to click this to switch over to “edit” mode.
  • Content will now be surrounded by a pale yellow box, which indicates the various editable content items.

    Editable Content Area
    Select Edit Mode


  • When you mouse over one of the content boxes, a Content Block will appear. Clicking the dropdown in the top left will pop-up the Menu of available options for working with that specific content.

    Edit menu options 
  • Select the desired Option. Options include:
    • Edit in Context
    • Edit
    • View History
    • Workarea
    • Logout