Slideshow Instructions

  1. Contact the Web Services Team and let them know where you wish to place the slideshow

  2. Once they have let you know things are setup correctly, you may proceed.

  3. Click the β€œNew” button


  4. In the drop down menu select "Smart Form

  5. Select "Slideshow" from the sub-menu


  6. Place a title for you slideshow in the title bar


  7. Next, you will see the following screen that will enable to create you slideshow


  8. To place a picture in the slideshow click the image icon

    1. Click the "Add Library" button to upload an new image
      NOTE: Images should be resized in a photo editing program and all images in the slideshow should be the same size.


    2. Double click you image to place it in the slideshow

  9. To place a link on the image you just created click the link icon (Note: Links are optional)

    1. Here you can place a link in the URL box or select the e-mail tab


  10. To add another image to your slideshow click the page icon in the upper left corner

    1. From the drop down menu select "Insert Above" or "Insert Below"

      1. You are also able to remove an image or move it up or down based on where you would like to place the image


Note: There is a limit of six images you can place on a slideshow

Adding a Created Slideshow to a Page

  1. Navigate to the page you wish to add the slideshow to

  2. Select Edit

  3. Select Metadata from the menu bar

  4. Select Slideshow Edit in metadata options

    Meta options

  5. Select the slideshow folder and file you wish to insert

    slide select

  6. Finalize and save selection

    Slide finalize
  7. Publish page

Creating Flickr Slideshows

Flickr Slideshows