FAQs-Faculty Welcome

The Frequently Asked Questions areawas created to help you quicklyfind answers to themost frequently asked questions that we’ve received regarding D2L. If you have a question that is not in this site, you may want to check our main area located at http://www.ship.edu/IDWT/D2L/Desire2Learn_for_Faculty/.

Adding Content:

  1. How can I tell if students have accessed files in the Content area?
  2. Why won't my file display in D2L?
  3. Why won't my links work in the Content area after preforming a course copy?
  4. Why don't my restriction dates copy from the content area to other areas of D2l?
  5. Can you explain why there are two delete options in the Content area?
  6. The links don't work in my new course after I've transferred information from my old course.
  7. What are Course Cartridges?

Adding Student Instruction:

  1. How do I add students to my course?
  2. How do I add instructors to my course?


  1. I used the Class list feature in D2L to email my students, however, some of them did not receive it.
  2. How do I view all my students on one page?
  3. There are students who have dropped my course who are still showing up on my class list in D2L.

Course Administration:

  1. As an adjunct faculty member do I need to export my course material when the semester concludes?
  2. How do I deactivate the tools in D2L that I am not using?


  1. Can I tell how much time a student spent in the Discussion area?
  2. Why won't the Discussion grade transfer to the Grades area?
  3. How can my students mark all their comments as READ in the Discussion area?
  4. What is the difference between locking and hiding a discussion?
  5. Do I need to add topics in the Discussion area?
  6. Do I need to add a Forum?
  7. How do I grade student responses in the Discussion area?
  8. How do I move discussion questions from one course to another?
  9. Students can't see or respond to my discussion question.


Dropbox Instructions


Why do I receive two emails when I send an email through D2L?

End of Semester Clean-Up:

Do I need to close the course at the end of the semester?


  1. How are extra credit points calculated in the Grades area?
  2. How are bonus points calculated in the Grades area?
  3. Why are there two columns for final grades?
  4. Why aren't the Grades moving from the Quizzes area to the Grades area?
  5. Why aren't my final grades automatically updated?
  6. Why aren't my grades appearing in the Grades area?
  7. Why don't Grade Settings transfer from course to course?
  8. My students do not see their final grades, why?

Start Up:

  1. Why can't students access my course when they login?
  2. Is there a mobile application for D2L?


  1. Will Surveys connect to the Grades area?
  2. What function do the recalculate and Auto-Grade buttons perform in the Quiz area?
  3. How can Students see their quiz after a test or exam is closed?
  4. How do I reset a quiz?
  5. How do I extend the time allotted on a quiz for students with special needs?

Other Concerns:

  1. How do I interpret my course name in Desire2Learn?
  2. When is D2L's maintenance window?
  3. What are the system requirements for D2L? What browsers are supported?
  4. How do I transfer course materials?
  5. How do I activate my course?