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Preparing for the Purging of Courses in D2L (April 21, 2014)

Preparing for the D2L Upgrade (May 10, 2014)

What's New in D2L 10.3

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Instructional Design & Web Technologies Workshop Schedule

Instructional Design & Web Technologies department offers a wide variety of workshops. Please  let us know if you have a specific topic you would like covered!

Register via email at idwt@ship.edu. Please include the name and date of the workshop in your email.

We're available for individual consultations!

Need help? Please call and we will schedule a session with you.

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 Desire2Learn: A Quick Start

Desire2Learn is a course management system used by Shippensburg University to enhance face-to-face instruction or in our Summer Online courses.  To get started with Desire2Learn you will need to know the following basics:

  • Requirements for Desire2Learn
  • About My Home
  • About Course Home

Requirements for Desire2Learn

For students and faculty Desire2Learn requirements are:

  • An Internet connection
  • A Shippensburg University email account
  • A web browser such as Internet Explorer, Safari, or Firefox that can accommodate both JavaScript and Java [ Browser Specs ]
  • Appropriate software and hardware [ Hardware and Software Specs ]

Accessing Desire2Learn

Before you Begin:

Faculty Email Accounts

As a NEW INSTRUCTORS you will need to obtain a University ID and a library card. Your department will help you obtain your email account. Once your email account is established, you will need to make sure that your name is listed as the instructor in the courses you are teaching. The information transfer process may take between 24 to 48 hours and you will not have access to your Desire2Learn (D2L) course(s) until your name is propagated through the University, Info.Ship, and D2L systems.

ESTABLISHED INSTRUCTORS do not have to go through this process and should automatically be able to access their new courses once they have been generated by the D2L System.

If you are having difficulty with your Shippensburg University email, you should contact Computer Services at x3499 or you can visit their help page at http://www.ship.edu/its/FAQs/index.html.

Student Email Accounts

Students should already arrive in class with a Shippensburg University email account. Students who have their email forwarded to other email services such as Hotmail or AOL may not receive email. Please emphasize the need to use their un-forwarded Shippensburg email account when communicating in Blackboard or with any communications with you.

Students having difficulty with their email accounts should first read the instructions listed on http://www.ship.edu/mail/stu_FAQs.html and if they are still unable to solve the issue should use this alternate email account to send a message (helpdesk@ship.edu). Students should include the error message they received during login. Students may also call X4357 or bring their student ID card to the Student Help Desk in Math & Computing Tech Center Room 054 for assistance.

Logging in

Location: http://d2l.ship.edu

Username: Full Ship Email Address
Password: Ship Email Password



About My Home

The My Home page is the starting point to D2L courses.


Included on the My Home page are the following areas:


My Home
This link remains present whether you are in the My Home or Course Home page and provides a way to return to the My Home page.

The Locker is a place to store documents while you are in transit. Currently, 1MB of space is available to both faculty and students. Use this space when you want to quickly save a document when you are between work and school.

The Schedule link provides access to the Calendar and allows instructor to add events to the Calendar widget.

My Settings
The My Settings widget allows instructors to change general preferences, create a homepage, create or update a profile page, view their progress or enter the Locker area.

The News widget contains system announcements such as maintence windows.

My Courses
The My Courses widget provides links to courses listed by semester.

Help Desk
The Help Desk Widget provides a link to the 24/7 Support Center and the D2L Student Orientation Tutorial.

The Course Home Page Overview

From the My Home page, you can choose which course home page you would like to access by clicking on the course link in the My Courses widget. The Course Home page appears. The Course Home page provides access to course content, discussions, quizzes, grades, and several other tools. 



On the Course Home page several items will be present.  The items contained within separate windows are referred to as widgets such as News and Calendar.

Calendar or Schedule
The Schedule widget allows instructors to place personal or course events on a calendar.

Important course announcements, such as due dates, are displayed in this widget.  This widget also contains the search feature.

The Updates widget contains to-do items in the platform such as ungraded or unread quizzes and is availble to instructors and students.

Allows you to create bookmarks to content items.

Course Tools


Faculty can choose which tools are available on the navigation bar.  The course tools are located on the Navigation bar.  Descriptions of each are listed below.

Allows you to exchange information with class members and the instructor(s) in real time.  Clicking chat displays a list of chat rooms available to the course.  You can enter a chat room or create your own. 

Allows faculty to create checklists for students to view.

Displays the names and email addresses of faculty members and students enrolled in the course.  Users highlighted with a yellow background are currently online.  Users with a white background are currently offline.  Here you will also find tools that allow course members to submit information for a profile or a website.

Contains course-specific modules and topics. Topics may be in HTML format or consist of multimedia such as PowerPoint slide shows. Clicking a module or topic link allows you to navigate through detailed information one topic at a time.

Course Home
Returns you to the Course Home page.

Takes you to the forums and topics list pane where you can read messages of classmates and post your own messages on a specific topic.

Contains folders for uploading files for faculty members to view when available.

Edit Course
The Edit Course link provides access to the following areas: 

Course Offering Information
Edit the Course Offering name or code, change the colors used for this Course Offering, change the location where files are stored, or modify other settings.

Select a homepage to use for this Course Offering, edit the appearance of the current homepage, or create custom widgets for the homepage.

Create, edit or delete widgets. Share widgets across the organization. Upload thumbnails for custom widgets.

Import / Export / Copy Components
Import course components from a file or copy them from another org unit; export components to a zip file.

Intelligent Agents
Create agents to notify users of course activity.

Manage Files
Upload and delete files, create folders to organize files, or create content topics from files.

View User Progress
View user activity for individual users enrolled in this Course Offering, including login history, participation in discussions, content access, and grades.

Set up, edit, or enroll users in groups; create group work areas.

Activate or deactivate tools for this Course Offering, rename tools, or customize tool help.

Displays grades received on assignments and quizzes.  Specific statistics and comments associated with each item may also be available.

Allows faculty to create a designated number of groups of a designated size.  Faculty can then enroll the students manually or the students can enroll voluntarily.

Works similarly to your hard drive by allowing you to upload and create files and folders.

Provides access to quizzes.

Allows faculty to edit the course calendar which the students can then view.

Allows faculty to create, administer, edit, copy, view, and delete course surveys.