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Instructional Design & Web Technologies Workshop Schedule

Instructional Design & Web Technologies department offers a wide variety of workshops. Please  let us know if you have a specific topic you would like covered!

Register via email at idwt@ship.edu. Please include the name and date of the workshop in your email.

We're available for individual consultations!

Need help? Please call and we will schedule a session with you.

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Working with the Final Grade

Setting Final Grade Properties

Final grade properties determine how the Final Grade item is displayed in the Grades List. The properties only need to be set once each semester.

  1. On the Course Home page navigation bar, click on the GRADES link. The User List pane appears.
  2. In the Grades Area widget, click on the MANAGE GRADES button. The Grades List appears.
  3. In the Grade Item column, click FINAL ADJUSTED GRADE. The "Edit Adjusted Final Grade" pane appears with the Properties tab selected.
  4. For extra credit or bonus items causing final grade to exceed total points (or 100%), go to the grading section and select Can Exceed.

    final grade 1
  5. From the Grade Scheme pull-down menu, select the desired grade scheme.
  6. To make statistics visible to students in the Display Options section, go to Submission View and select the desired option(s).

    final grade 2
  7. Click on the SAVE button. The changes are saved.

Recalculating the Final Grade

These steps need to be performed each time grade items are updated so that the Final Grade will reflect those changes.

  1. On the Course Home page navigation bar, click the GRADES link. The User List pane appears.
  2. In the grade items section, click on the checked yellow ruler icon next to "Final Grades" final grades icon  . The Final Grades pane appears.
  3. Click on the RECALCULATE ALL recalculate all button. The "Recalculate All" dialog box appears. 

  4. Select the recalculated grade type.
  5. Click on the CALCULATE button. The "Grade Items Included in Calculated Final Grade" dialog box appears.

  6. Click on the CALCULATE button. A confirmation dialog box appears.
  7. Click on the SAVE. The grades are recalculated.