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Instructional Design & Web Technologies Workshop Schedule

Instructional Design & Web Technologies department offers a wide variety of workshops. Please  let us know if you have a specific topic you would like covered!

Register via email at idwt@ship.edu. Please include the name and date of the workshop in your email.

We're available for individual consultations!

Need help? Please call and we will schedule a session with you.

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Working with the Locker Tool

Accessing the Locker Tool

The Locker is a work area where users or groups can store and retrieve files. Each instructor or student has 1MB of storage space. It is recommended that both instructors and students use this space as a temporary storage area for those times that you are between home and school and do not have access to the T:drive or a thumb/Flash drive. Files in a personal locker are not accessible to other users unless they are made public. Unlike most tools personal locker areas are not course specific.  Users can access their personal locker files from any course or from the My Home page.  Group locker areas must be accessed from the course they apply to.

Group lockers

Group lockers are restricted locker areas where members of a group can share files. Any group member can modify files posted in group locker areas. Group lockers should be created when the Groups are initially created in the Groups area.

Group lockers have the same options as regular lockers with the following exceptions:

  • The option to make locker files public in not available.
  • There is an option to Email Group Members.
  • There is a Modified By column that shows the last person to work on a file.

The Locker Tool is located near the Ship logo in the blue bar at the top of the browser window.

Locker 1

Creating a Folder

Since the locker is not course specific, it is important to organize your content in a meaningful way.  For example, you may want to create folders for each of your courses and subfolders within each class for every assignment.  You can also have seperate subfolders for drafts and finished documents, or a folder for personal files that are not course specific.

  1. From the My Locker page click on the NEW FOLDER. new folder button. To create a subfolder, click on the NEW FOLDER icon when in the parent folder.
  2. Enter a FOLDER NAME in the text box.
  3. Click on the SAVE button.

Uploading a File

  1. In the desired folder, click on the UPLOAD FILES  upload files button. 
  2. Select the PUBLIC checkbox if you want other users to be able to view the file.
  3. In the DESCRIPTION textbox, type the name of the file.
  4. Click on the BROWSE button and locate the file.
  5. Click on the ADD button to attach more than one file.
  6. Click on the UPLOAD button.

Creating a File

  1. Click on the NEW FILE new file button.
  2. Enter a FILE NAME in the text box.
  3. Click on the BROWSE button next to the FOLDER field to change or add which folder the file should belong to.
  4. Select the PUBLIC checkbox if you want other users to be able to view the file.
  5. Type a description in the DESCRIPTION textbox,  if desired.
  6. Add your content in the EDIT CONTENTS textbox.
  7. Click on the SAVE button.

Search for files in your locker

  1. Enter search criteria in the Search For field.
  2. Conduct an advanced search by clicking on the Show Search Options link, and select any relevant search restrictions.
  3. Click on the Search button.

Download files from your locker

  1. Click the file name for the file you want to download or to download multiple files click on the check boxes beside the desired files. 
  2. Click on the Download the selected files/folders icon at the top or bottom of the file list.
  3. Save a copy of the zip file to a local computer or storage device.

Move a file or folder

  1. Click on the Move the selected files/folders icon beside the desired file or folder.
  2. Click on the name of the target folder.
  3. Click on the Move button.

Delete a file or folder

  1. Click the Delete icon beside the file or folder you want to delete or select the check boxes beside the desired files or folders and click the Delete icon at the top or bottom of the file list to delete multiple items at once.

Editing a File or a Folder

To Edit a File

  1. Click on the EDIT icon beside the file you want to edit. edit button
  2. Update the FILE NAME or DESCRIPTION.
  3. Select or unselect the PUBLIC checkbox to change whether a file is public or private.
  4. Use the BROWSE button beside the FOLDER field to move the file to another folder.
  5. Click on the SAVE button.

To Edit Multiple Files at Once

  1. Select the checkboxes beside the files you want to edit.
  2. Click the EDIT multi-action icon. (double-pencil icon)
  3. Update the DESCRIPTION for files as needed.
  4. Click/Unclick on the PUBLIC checkbox to change whether files are public or private.
  5. Click on the SAVE button.

To Edit a Folder

  1. Click the EDIT icon beside the folder. edit button
  2. Update the FOLDER NAME.
  3. Click on the SAVE button.