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What's New in Brightspace v10.3

On May 10, 2014 Brightspace was upgraded from 10.2 to 10.3.

Brightspace v10.3 Overview

The basic functionality is the same in v10.3, but there are some minor user interface changes associated with this upgrade. Primarily the user interface changes provide a better, more consistent user experience across the D2L v10.3 tools, including:

  1. Global Changes
  2. Checklists
  3. Content
  4. Discussions
  5. Dropbox
  6. Quizzes
  7. Classlist
  8. Groups
  9. Surveys
  10. Self-Assessments
  11. Grades

D2L v.10.2 Enhancements

Global Changes

Several updates appear throughout the Brightspace site. First, the ability to switch between roles (instructor, student) is now available under your Personal Menu. Second, the single HTML Editor appears in most instances where there were two editors (basic and advanced) and it includes an updated equation editor. However, the order of the buttons is different with the “Insert Stuff” functionality on the left. Third, when working on a screen that scrolls, the action buttons, like “Save” or “Cancel,” float at the bottom of the screen instead of the bottom of the page. Fourth, time formats are in 30-minute increments, however, they can be overwritten to a specific time. Finally, Objectives no longer appear in the v10.3 environment.


When creating or editing a checklist’s categories or items, the “New Category,” “New Item,” and “Reorder” buttons are in a more intuitive location within the “Checklist Contents” tab.


The Table of Contents contains “Expand All / Collapse All” links, so faculty members can quickly navigate through the list of modules. Within a module, the "Add Activities" button has a new name. It’s now called “Add Existing Activities” to differentiate it from the “New” button. Within a module, a topic’s context menu may have new options and/or renamed options. These options are more intuitive by better describing their actions. For example, "Edit Properties" appears as "Edit Properties In-place," which implies you will be editing in the current location. There is a greater consistency with the layout of module and topic properties. Dates and restrictions now appear above description and publish status is on the right. 

Test Module

For topics that are files, if you change the file after the course starts, you can notify students about the change. This includes PDFs, HTML files, and PowerPoint files. A notification will appear in the students’ My Home Alerts area.

Please Note: When viewing PDFs within Brightspace, the PDF viewer’s buttons are at the bottom of the PDF, but appear when hovering over the PDF. This is more consistent with other PDF viewers and readers.


D2L focused a lot of energy on enhancing the Discussions area and the Reading View, since they are no longer supporting Grid View in Brightspace 10.3. First, there are improvements related to navigating the Discussions List. The “Show All Topics / Hide All Topics” link makes it easier to scan forums and see a high-level summary of activity. When you expand a forum, activity summaries are still available for topics. Each topic also has a quick link to go directly to unread posts. Information related to subscriptions for forums and topics are available under their respective context menus and by default users are automatically subscribed to posts they author. Once you are within a topic, a collapsed menu (similar to the “Table of Contents”) is available as a slide out menu. It can be pinned in place or opened/closed as needed.

Show Topic

Finally, additional enhancements are located in Discussion Statistics. Within Statistics, in 10.2 the number of threads and posts were not separate statistics. They are in 10.3; you can easily see the number of threads and the number of posts at the Org Unit level, by student and by forum/topic. Ratings information is also available by student and by topic.


There is a new D2L v10.3 feature that is only in the Dropbox area. It is possible to provide feedback to students who didn’t submit a file directly from a Dropbox folder. In order to see students without submissions in a Dropbox folder, you can change the Submissions dropdown from “Users with submissions” to “Show everyone” or “Users without submissions.” Then click the search icon to display the search results.


There are two enhancements made to Quizzes. First, if you edit a quiz’s setup from Content, when you save or cancel, you return to your place in Content. In 10.2, it would redirect you to “Manage Quizzes.” Second, the tabs within the Quiz Setup are different so that the most used items appear in tabs on the left. The two biggest changes here are (1) information from the “Layout/Questions” tab appears in the “Properties” tab and (2) properties related Objectives are no longer available.

Location for Questions


Within the Classlist, the “Email” button for emailing the entire classlist has an improved label; it’s “Email Classlist.” In addition to clicking on a student’s name to send a single email, a “Send Email” option is available under a student’s context menu. From the same context menu, you can still view a student’s progress via the “View Progress” option. However, the View Progress information has one modification. Information related to Objectives is no longer available in the Brightspace 10.3 environment.


The Groups tool is the same, with the exception of a small update. In addition to clicking on a Group Category’s name to edit the category, you can also select “Edit Category” from its context menu.


The enhancements to Surveys are similar to changes with Quizzes. If you edit a survey from Content, when you save or cancel, you will return to your place in Content. Also, the tabs are different within Survey Setup. They are similar to a quiz’s tabs. 


If you edit a Self-Assessment from Content, you will return to your place in Content. However, when accessing the Self-Assessment Setup it is the same as 10.2. It does not match the new Quiz Setup or Survey Setup in 10.3. 


Within Managing Grades, in addition to clicking on either a Grade Category or Grade Item’s name to edit it, you can also select “Edit” from their respective context menus. Also, when you create or edit a grade item, the Objectives tab is no longer available.

If you have any questions contact us at idwt@ship.edu or x1816,