What's New in D2L v10.5.1

As part of continuous deliver D2L was upgraded from 10.5 to 10.5.1 in August. Keeping with the continuous delivery model, this upgrade contains minor changes that should not impact your overall experience.

Here is a video that highlights all changes with this update.

D2L v10.5.1 Overview (August Release – Continuous Delivery)

Please see below for a brief overview of the more important instructor related changes. You can read through the entire document changes here

Turnitin - LTI Integration Enhancements (Updated)

D2L has added the following enhancements to improve the Turnitin experience for users:

  • When you copy courses with Turnitin-enabled dropbox folders, Turnitin settings now also copy.
  • Better default settings for group and individual dropbox folders.
  • You no longer need to adjust end dates to allow learners to submit late assignments.
  • It is easier for you to allow learners to view Originality Reports when they click on their Originality Score due to syncing between options in the Turnitin tab in the Dropbox tool and options in Turnitin itself.


Default settings for options in Turnitin


Content – Enhanced security for content file topics (New).

This feature enhances the security of primary content files for content topics. By increasing the level of content protection, instructors can make sure learners cannot access content files earlier than they want them to. More specifically, this feature provides protection against premature access to content file topics with restrictions (draft state, date, or conditional release). For example, instructors can store answer keys in content and release them to learners after completion of an activity or a specified date.

Dropbox – Track deleted submissions (New)

The File Submissions area of Dropbox has a log that can be filtered to determine if and when a learner submitted a file, and whether the instructor deleted the submission. If a submission was accidentally deleted, you can restore it from the submission log. You can investigate any conflicts around Dropbox submissions. You can use the Submissions log to see whether a student submitted an assignment, if the submission was deleted, and who deleted it.

D2L 10.5.1 Submission Log

Quizzes – Ability to set multiple IP address ranges to quiz restrictions (Updated)

Instructors can now specify multiple IP address restrictions as ranges, with the option to add multiple IP address range restrictions. This new feature enables instructors to limit quiz availability to specific locations, such as computer labs or classrooms. This restriction ensures that users can only access a quiz from IP addresses in the specified IP address ranges.

D2L 10.5.1 IPRestrictions

What's New in D2L v10.5

As part of continuous deliver D2L was upgraded from 10.4 to 10.5 in July. Keeping with the continuous delivery model, this upgrade contains minor changes that should not impact your overall experience.

Here is a video from D2L which highlights all changes with this update.

D2L v10.5 Overview (July Release – Continuous Delivery)

Please see below for a brief overview of the more important instructor related changes. You can read through the entire documented changes here.

Content - Upcoming Events View Renamed to Course Schedule View (NEW)

The upcoming events view in Content has been renamed to Course Schedule.

D2L 10.5 Course Schedule New

Content - Overdue Assignments List Added to Course Scheduler View (New)

Students can view overdue assignments in the new Overdue tab in the Course Schedule view of the Content tool. Learners can access the activity directly from the list to complete it. Once completed, it will disappear from the list.

Course activities must meet the following criteria before it will automatically appear in the students Overdue tab.

  • Course activities must have a due date that has come and gone.
  • Course activities must either have an end date that's later than the due date or no end date at all.
  • Course activities must be quick linked in the Content Tool.
D2L 10.5 New Overdue Tab New

Copy Course Components - Include Associated Files (Update)

There is now an option to “Include associated files” when copying components from one course to another. When selected, all files associated with selected course components will be imported to the new course

D2L 10.5 New Include Associated Files

Turnitin - LTI-Based Integration (Update)*

A new LTI-based integration for Turnitin is available to replace the legacy API. Settings for enabling and setting up Turnitin, including Originality Check and GradeMark, are now available in a separate tab when instructors create or edit a dropbox folder.

  • New configuration variables have been added to support the LTI integration.
  • The OriginalityCheck options that were found in the Properties tab in the legacy API have been renamed and moved to the new Turnitin tab in the LTI integration.
  • The advanced OriginalityCheck options that were found at the bottom of the Properties tab in the legacy API can now be found by clicking the More Options in Turnitin button on the new Turnitin tab. The button opens the Turnitin Assignment window where instructors can set more advanced Turnitin-specific options.
  • Instructors can no longer enable Turnitin from the Groups tool, which was possible in the legacy API.
  • If learners in the same group submit similar or identical versions of the same assignment to a group submission folder, Turnitin will consider those assignments to be plagiarized.
  • A learner is not able to access another group member’s Originality Report in Turnitin, even though the Originality Score displays.
  • On the Folder Submissions page, in the Files tab, it is no longer possible to search and sort on the Turnitin Similarity® column, as it was in the legacy API.
  • Dropbox data purge has been updated with the new LTI integration.

d2l 10.5 Turnitin Integration Update

Changes marked with * are still being configured by IDWT and may not yet be available. The * will be removed once the settings have been configured and the change has gone live.

What's New in D2L v10.4

On May 9, 2015 D2L was upgraded from 10.3 to 10.4.

Here is a video that covers some of the highlights in the recent D2L upgrade.

D2L v10.4 Overview

The basic functionality is the same in v10.4, but there are some minor user interface changes associated with this upgrade. Primarily the user interface changes provide a better, more consistent user experience across the D2L tools, including:

  1. Content
  2. Discussions
  3. Dropbox
  4. Quizzes
  5. Grades
  6. Misc

D2L v.10.4 Enhancements


File Management Options

  • A new popup asking where to put files when you drag and drop to upload

html editor (WYSIWYG)

  • Rearranged buttons. Table now before equations. Font style controls separated to allow wrapping.
  • A new flyout when adding tables
  • Now uses native browser spell checker. Misspelled words underlined in red.


  • Added Video and Audio topics
    • New Add Video or Audio button
    • Can embed videos in Video/Audio topic
    • Some sites allow pasting the URL only
    • 1 GB file size
    • Added support for .mp4, .m4a, .ogg
  • Added previous/next buttons at the bottom of a topic to navigate
  • Added tabs to organize content when viewing/editing a topic
  • PDFs are now rendered inline. PDFs are searchable, selectable, and hyperlinks work
  • A Welcome Message added in Content area first time you visit a course. Gives next steps.
  • Directed back to content after linking to edit another tool


  • Posts are now marked read when you scroll instead of on load.
    • Creates more accurate statistics and easier to keep track of what you did and didn’t read
  • Added a More/Less button that expands the preview of longer posts.
  • If Assess Individual posts is turned on you now have the ability to assess topics directly in the thread
  • Added ability to delete multiple Forums and/or Topics at once.
    • Delete button in the More Actions drop down


  • Added ability to delete multiple dropbox folders at once


  • Added new user statistics
    • Standard deviation
    • existing class average for overall quiz
  • Added new question statistics
    • Standard deviation
    • Discrimination index
    • Point biserial
    • existing class average for overall quiz
  • Added question details statistics
    • Standard deviation
    • Discrimination index
    • Average grade achieved per question
  • All Stats are now calculated against the latest question version and the first attempt
  • Added ability to preview Random Question Sections from the Edit Quiz screen without opening the section then clicking the preview.
  • Settings on the Restrictions tab in Edit Quiz now reordered to be more intuitive
  • Settings on the Assessment tab in Edit Quiz now reordered to be more intuitive
  • Reorganized the Timing section to be more intuitive
  • Quiz timer now displays seconds for students
    • > 1 hour timer now flashes at ten minutes and one minute
    • < 1="" hour timer="" now="" flashes="" at="" five="" minutes="" and="" one="" />
  • Spell checker disabled for Short Answer and Long Answer questions


  • Added a closed eye icon when adjusted grades have not been released
  • Moved the # per page drop down to the left side of the gradebook so it visible in large grade books.


  • Mini-bar search courses now is alphabetical if user is enrolled in <25 courses="" and="" most="" recently="" accessed="" if="">25.
  • New advanced search feature in mini-bar course search
  • All student lists are now alphabetized by last name by default across all of D2L
  • Restored “Now” button when selecting dates
  • New Microsoft Office 365 System Widget
  • Ability to have links visible in the Navbar specific to different roles

Manage Dates

  • Filter by tool is now unchecked by default

Copy Course Tool

  • Custom Navbar and home pages are now activated by default when you copy a course

Import Course Tool

  • New ability to import only selected elements when importing
    • Added ability to be notified by email when your course is finished importing
    • Improved Importing from popular LMSs

Intelligent Agents

  • Now can turn on/off in bulk without first accessing

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