Course Tools Overview

D2L contains a variety of tools that can be used to enhance the course.  The tools available are determined the instructor, who may also rename the tools if they wish.  In this tutorial the course tools are described with their default names.


This feature allows instructors to view news articles posted by faculty.


Chats allow users to converse with more than one other user at a time.  They are synchronous (i.e., live, real time) discussions.  Instructors may enter chat and begin chatting or view previous sessions (archives) of the chat.


This feature is a way to highlight important aspects of the course as a visual guideline for students to determine the needs for completing the course.


This feature keeps track of users enrolled in the course.  It is also valuable as a way of finding which users are currently online.  The classlist tool also allows users to share information about themselves using the profile or homepage tools.


This feature allows instructors to post content related to the course.  Students may download files such as PowerPoint presentations to complement the course.


This area provides instructors with the ability to create, view, add, modify, or remove forums and discussion topics.  Students can read and post messages.


This feature gives instructors the option to allow students to submit their work online.  Students can upload their work in the dropbox and faculty can view it at their discretion.


The email feature provides an easy method to email course participants.  Instructors can automatically address email to course members or faculty directly from the address book.  Email generated through D2L is delivered to the email address recorded within D2L.


This feature allows instructors to publish a list of frequently asked questions related to the course content or policies.


This feature allows instructors to create a course glossary.  The glossary can be used to make key terms related to the course available to students.


This feature is an immediate feedback option to let students know their progress in the course.


Allows the user to access help documentation created by D2L.


Allows instructors to import, export, or copy existing course components.  This is beneficial in creating a new D2L course without having to start from scratch.


This feature allows instructors to keep track of ideas and information they might want to use in class.  This tool is only visible to faculty.


Adding links allows instructors to use information from outside of D2L to complement the course content.


This tool provides an additional storage area for files.  Files in this area can be made public or kept private.  This is useful when working at multiple workstations.


This feature allows instructors to post items that all students can see.  Posting news is an ideal way to inform students about upcoming events, due dates, or corrections.


This feature allows instructors to evaluate students online.  Different question formats can be applied and modified.


The Schedule (calendar) provides a central location for course and personal events such as add/drop periods, exams, and personal appointments.


This feature allows instructors to collect instant feedback from students.  This monitors trends and opinions of the users. The surveys can be collected anonymously.