"Daylight Experience"

The Daylight Experience is the new look and feel for D2L Brightspace that adapts responsively to different device sizes. Daylight is clean and easy to use, creating a great first impression with new users.

We are switching to Daylight on 5/14/18.

What Will Change?

  • Layout will be clean and white
  • Navigation will change by removing links to tools. Students will now access Quizzes, Discussions, etc through Quicklinks in the Content area. Follow this link for instructions
  • New course banner and images
  • At the same time we will moving to a new syncronous tool called Zoom. Our Collaborate contract expires on 6/30/18

What Will Not Change?

The workflows will remain the same. In other words how you use D2L Brightspace will not change. Only the appearance will change. You can create courses now for the Summer and Fall sessions and your courses will be unaffected.

What is the benefit?

  • Brightspace

    • Responsive, works on all devices

    • Cleaner appearance

  • Zoom

    • No downloading of files

    • Easier interface


image of daylight on devices


Daylight Demos

Join Scott and Ryan as we demo the new interface for D2L Brightspace. It's called Daylight and it's going live May 14. Sessions shouldn't take much more than a half hour. 

All sessions are in 016 of Lehman Library.

Tuesday, April 24. 3:30 PM

Wednesday, April 25. 1:00 PM

Thursday, April 26. 2:00 PM

Monday, April 30. 10:00 AM

Wednesday, May 2. 11:00 AM

Thursday, May 3. 3:30 PM

Monday, May 7. 1:00 PM

Tuesday, May 8. 9:30 AM

Thursday, May 10. 11:00 AM


Support Info

In the Spring 2018 semester we will be providing sneak peeks and training regarding Daylight. This includes: webinars, workshops, web pages and other various information.

 Stay tuned for a current version of your Spring 2018 Courses on a test server, so that you can see how your courses will look in the new layout of D2L Brightspace. In the meantime you can review some info in the resources below. 

You can head to our webpage for more info.

You can visit "Daylight Central" on D2L's community page.


Check out the Daylight discussion area to see what other people are talking about.



It's confusing with all of these terms flying around. Here's some info to help you get it straight.

D2L = Company name

Brightspace = LMS (product) name

Daylight Experience = The name for the new Brightspace design. This name will fall away as D2L requires all instances to switch to Daylight.