"Daylight Experience"

The Daylight Experience is the new look and feel for D2L Brightspace that adapts responsively to different device sizes. Daylight is clean and easy to use, creating a great first impression with new users.

We are switching to Daylight on 5/14/18.

What Will Change?

  • Layout will be clean and white
  • Navigation will change by removing links to tools. Students will now access Quizzes, Discussions, etc through Quicklinks in the Content area. More instructions to come
  • New course banner and images
  • At the same time we will moving to a new syncronous tool called Zoom. Our Collaborate contract expires on 6/30/18

What Will Not Change?

The workflows will remain the same. In other words how you use D2L Brightspace will not change. Only the appearance will change.

What is the benefit?

  • Brightspace

    • Responsive, works on all devices

    • Cleaner appearance

  • Zoom

    • No downloading of files

    • Easier interface


image of daylight on devices



Daylight is currently under development and we are experimenting with it on our test servers. We haven't set a day to switch to the new "Daylight Experience" but it will likely be for the 2018-2019 academic calendar year.






Visit Daylight Central on D2L's website: including more info, updates, FAQ.