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Shippensburg Events

Center for Faculty Excellence in Scholarship and Teaching (CFEST)

CFEST New Faculty Mentorship

Some faculty seek formal mentorship that extends beyond the first year. The CFEST New Faculty Mentorship program is a service that matches tenure-track and adjunct faculty within their first five years of employment with a mentor from another department or college. The mentor provides advise and support in one or all three areas of responsibilities, specifically teaching, scholarship and/or service. This mentoring relationship can be especially valuable as new faculty ready themselves for tenure and promotion. The mentor and mentee set a goal or determine a task to enhance teaching, scholarship and/or service. They meet as needed to complete the goal or task. For more information, see the tabs attached to New Faculty Mentorship at or contact Lynn Baynum at

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Instructional Design and Web Technologies (IDWT)

Online Instruction-100
Are you planning to teach online within the next few semesters?

Online Instruction-100 (OLI-100) is a course that teaches you the basics of teaching online. Faculty planning to teach online at Shippensburg University for the first time can register at any time and you have until you teach your class to complete it at your own pace.

About OLI-100

This totally online course provides instructors with

  • instructional strategies for online classes,
  • national quality standards for online classes,
  • instructions for using various Brightspace tools,
  • a student’s perspective.

Contact Ryan or Scott in IDWT to register.

Guidelines to Accessibility
Do you want to make your courses more accessible to students?

Guidelines to Accessibility (OLI-050) is a set of resources designed to make your class more accessible to students with learning disabilities.

Guidelines to Accessibility (OLI-050)

This totally online course provides instructors with

  • definition of disabilities, accommodations, and accessibility,
  • an overview of the laws that exist to protect individuals with disabilities,
  • accessibility strategies as they relate to different forms of content.

Contact Ryan or Scott in IDWT to register.

Copyright Overview
Do you need help determining if content you have is legal to use?

Copyright Overview (OLI-075) is a set of resources designed to help you understand and decipher the complexities of copyright law. It is a basic primer that gives you resources to find more information.

Copyright Overview (OLI-075)

This totally online course provides instructors with

  • an if-yes-than flowchart to determine legality of content
  • an overview of copyright
  • an overview of Fair Use
  • an overview of Creative Commons
  • an overview of the TEACH Act
  • links to resources
  • a copyright self-check

Contact Ryan or Scott in IDWT to register.

"Brightspace Daylight Experience" is on the way!

D2L has updated Brightspace's layout. We are going to switch to Daylight within the next year. We will give you more information as we get it.

In the meantime, you can study up on the changes by following the link below to "Daylight Central."

Try logging into a test version of Brightspace with Daylight turned on and testing it out.

Log into dev to test

Check out the Daylight discussion area to see what other people are talking about.

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Off-Campus Conferences & Workshops

Fundamentals of Leadership in Higher Education

When: September 25-26

Description: Learn who you are as a leader and how your style aligns with your colleagues.

Location: Washington DC

Follow this link to learn more.

Strategies for Scaling and Growing Online Programs

When: October 4-6, 2017
Description: Take a more strategic approach to growing your online programs.

Location: San Antonio, TX

Click here for more MSCHE Events

Teaching with Technology Conference

When: October 6-8, 2017

Description: Incorporating technology into your teaching involves much more than learning how to use a specific piece of software. It’s about exploring the relationship between technology and pedagogy—starting with what you want your students to know and be able to do, and how technology can support and enhance their learning. This conference, formerly known as the Teaching Professor Technology Conference, will help you take a more strategic approach to teaching with technology.

Location: Baltimore

Follow this link to learn more.

Leadership in Higher Education

When: October 19-21, 2017

Description: The Leadership in Higher Education Conference helps academic leaders set direction, solve problems, and make a positive imprint on campus. You will find sessions on leadership and management, evaluation and assessment, faculty hiring and development, and other key issues impacting higher ed. If you’re a department chair, division head, academic dean, program director, or provost, this conference will provide you with ideas and strategies to lead more effectively.

Location: Baltimore

Follow this link to learn more.

Crisis Leadership for Higher Education

When: October 23-24, 2017
Description: Be better prepared to effectively lead through crisis situations on your campus.

Location: Orlando, FL

Click here for more info

Essential Management Skills for Department Chairs

When: October 26-28, 2017
Description: Develop the skills necessary to advance your management and leadership role as a department chair.

Location: San Antonio, TX

Click here for more info

Quality Matters

Quality matters also hosts many online courses related to online and blended courses. You can see a complete list here.

Course Design for Competency-Based Education

When: November 14-15,2017

Description: Learn how to apply competency-based education course design principles to your traditional academic programs.

Location: Orlando, FL

Follow this link to learn more.

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Upcoming Webinars

D2L Webinars

D2L is continually hosting webinars and has been for years. You can visit D2L's website to view upcoming and past webinars. Some topics include: widgets, using video effectively, customizing lesson plans, using D2L to gamify, and many, many more.

Visit D2L's website to sort and search webinars.

Magna Online Seminars

Magna Online Seminars have built a reputation for their quality, timeliness, and relevance. Live and interactive, they feature leading educators and thought leaders delivering thought-provoking, practical presentations. Plus if you can’t make the live event, all seminars are available on-demand for a full 30 days. Our Online Seminar Package also includes a copy of the recording on CD, the full transcript, and supplemental materials. Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.

Visit Magna's website to sort and search webinars.

Recorded Webinars

PASSHE Transforming the Teaching & Learning Environment, a totally virtual conference

Description: For the past seven years, Pennsylvania’s State System of Higher Education has presented Transforming the Teaching & Learning Environment, a totally virtual conference. The 2017 conference was held in February, but the sessions were recorded. Each session is live and interactive. Topics have ranged from gamification to academic integrity to new technologies to many more.

All sessions going back to 2009 have been recorded for you to view for free. You can browse them here.

Meeting Student Needs with Day One Access to Digital Materials

Presented by: Campus Technology

Description: Digital course materials have emerged over the past 10 years as a cost-effective and more engaging option to print textbooks. This webcast will feature a college dean and eTextbooks thought leader who will discuss:

  • Why many students increasingly prefer eTextbooks
  • How delivering digital materials on the first day of classes sets students up for success
  • Tips for securing stakeholder buy-in for a digital-only program

Click here to watch the webinar.

Inside Higher Ed

Inside higher ed has a list of recorded webinars for higher ed going back for several years. The range of topics is diverse and covers almost all topics related to higher ed including: digital accessibility, higher ed economics, recap of survey of university presidents, and more.

Click here to watch the webinar.


Pearson has collated an extensive list of recorded higher ed webinars. Check out their current list and watch at your leisure. You can browse them here.

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Other Resources

Faculty Focus, Higher Ed Teaching Strategies from Magna Publications - This website has a list of articles related to Higher Ed teaching strategies. It is updated often and contributed to by professionals.

Visit Faculty Focus for current articles

On Campus, Failure Is on the Syllabus - A Smith College initiative called “Failing Well” is one of a crop of university
programs that aim to help high achievers cope with basic setbacks.

Read the article here

‘Glacial Progress’ on Digital Accessibility - Data from 700,000 classes show digital course materials have gotten only slightly more accessible to students with disabilities over the last five years.

Follow this link to read the article

Four Student Misconceptions about Learning - This article covers four common misconceptions that students have about learning. It will help you overcome them.

Follow this link to read the article

Learning Styles are NOT an Effective Guide for Learning Design - Probably today's most ubiquitous learning myth is that people have different learning styles and that these learning styles can be diagnosed and used in learning design to create more effective learning interventions. This myth has resonated and spread throughout the world's learning-professional community probably because it hints at an idea that seems sensible -- that people learn differently. Unfortunately, there are dozens and dozens of ways to separate people by type, so it's hard to know which distinctions to use for which learner, for which topics, for which situations. More importantly, the research evidence shows clearly that using learning styles in designing/deploying learning does not reliably improve learning results.

Read the article here

Turnitin White Paper - This brief white paper discusses the myriad forms of plagiarism, and argues that the most effective methods for addressing them do not involve treating students as unethical “cheaters,” but rather, focus on developing their writing and research skills.

Click here to download the white paper.

Best Practices for Using Video in Learning eBook -

  • Tips on producing effective videos for learning without breaking the bank
  • Instructional design best practices for using video in your courses
  • Getting started with video-based assessment

Click here to read the eBook in your browser

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Tech Tips

Turnitin updated the Inbox

Turnitin updated the assignment inbox. Nothing major. Just a few tweaks to the interface to make it more intuitive.

Watch a video to learn more about this update here.

Pearson Mastering Updated

Pearson made updates to their Mastering site. These updates improve usability, accessibility, file sharing, and appearance.

You can learn more about this update here.

Pearson MyLab Math Enhancements

If you use Pearson's MyLab Math you will notice some enhancements. They added the ability to change assigments after stuents have already submitted assignments. Now students can turn in their quizzes late and reporting is much better.

You can learn more about this update here.

Accessibility Tip - Special Access

By utilizing the Special Access features of the Quiz and Assignment folder tools you can provide accommodations for specific students. This may include additional time to complete a quiz or assignment that is outside the availability set for the entire class. You can access these options by editing your quiz or assignment folder, clicking on the Restrictions tab and scrolling to the bottom under Special Access.

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