Middle States Self Study Steering Committee

Robert Brodnick -- Director, Institutional Research and Planning
Beverly Butler -- Professor, English/Director of the Learning Assistance Center
John Clinton -- Executive Vice President, Shippensburg University Foundation
James Coolsen -- Co-Chair, Middle States Executive Committee/Professor, History/Philosophy
Paul Dempsey -- Registrar
Lisa DeSanto -- Secretary, Student Association
Dennis Dinger -- Member, Shippensburg University Foundation Board
Jerry Donaldson -- Member, Alumni Association
Heidi Everson -- Co-Chair, Graduate Student Association
Joann Fenton -- Provost & Vice President for Academic Affairs/Co-Chair Middle States Executive Committee
Eugene Fiorini -- Assistant Professor, Mathematics/Computer Science
Debra Gentzler -- Member, Council of Trustees
G. F. "Jody" Harpster -- Vice President for Student Affairs
Robert Hewitt -- Professor, Social Work
Chrissie Hilliard -- Co-Chair, Graduate Student Association
Kriston Hudson -- President, Student Association
David Landis -- Superintendent, Shippensburg School District/Community Representative
Daniel Lee -- Professor, Economics
Michael Marsh -- Associate Professor, Decision Sciences
Joseph Martin -- Electrician/Physical Plant/AFSCME Representative
Donald Mayer -- President, APSCUF/Professor, Political Science
Brian McAleese -- Vice President, Student Association
Darrell McKenrick -- Equipment Operator/Physical Plant/AFSCME Representative
Mary Miltenberger -- Non-Traditional Student Representative
Donna Mottilla -- Interim Dean, College of Business
William Piper -- Member, Council of Trustees
Rick Ruth -- Associate Provost
James Ryland -- Associate Professor, Educational Foundations and Administration
Roger Serr -- Associate Vice President for Student Affairs
David Topper -- Director of Human Resources
Carol Verish -- Treasurer, Student Association
Kim Weikel -- Chair, University Forum/Assistant Professor, Psychology
Donald Wilkinson -- Vice President for Administration & Finance
Connie Young -- Clerk Stenographer, Honors Program/Media Service/AFSCME Representative

Middle States Selected Topics Study Groups

Community Responsiveness
Lynette Bassman -- Former Assistant Professor, Counseling
John Benhart -- Chair/Professor of Geography and Earth Science
Thomas Enderlein -- Executive Director, Institute for Public Service
Donald Ernakovich -- Former Executive Director, University Relations
Debra Gentzler -- Member, Council of Trustees
Anne Gero -- Professor, Social Work
G. F. "Jody" Harpster -- Vice President for Student Affairs
Mary Lehman -- Director, Center for Local and State Government
Elizabeth Mancuso -- Graduate Student
John Martin -- Professor, Mathematics/Computer Science
James Pope -- Former Dean, College of Business
Robert Rollins -- Professor, Business Information Systems

Institutional Integrity and Effectiveness
Robert Bartos -- Dean, College of Education and Human Services
Robert Brodnick -- Director, Institutional Research and Planning
Brendan Finucane -- Professor, Economics
Jennifer Fisher -- Graduate Student
Dev Hathaway -- Associate Professor, English
Alan Holman -- Member, Council of Trustees
Linda Hoover -- Assistant Professor, Teacher Education
Elnetta Jones -- Dean, Special Academic Programs
Walter Konetschni -- Chair/Professor of Sociology and Anthropology
Beverly Mustaine -- Associate Professor, Counseling
Lois Waters -- Director, Social Equity

Student Learning and Development
Beverly Butler -- Director, Learning Assistance Center/Professor, English
Vera Byrd -- Former Director, ACT 101 Program
Donna Couchenour -- Professor, Teacher Education
Kenneth France -- Professor, Psychology
Janet Gross -- Dean, College of Arts and Science
Daniel Hylton -- Director, Career Development
William Piper -- Member, Council of Trustees
Ruthanne Pitkin -- Chair/Professor of Biology
Scott Schanz -- Graduate Student
Roger Serr -- Associate Vice President for Student Affairs

Technology and Innovation
Julie Bao -- Assistant Professor, Teacher Education
Paul Dempsey -- Registrar
Douglas Ensley -- Associate Professor, Mathematics and Computer Science
William Gould -- Director, Computer Technology Center
Steven Luhrs -- Member, Council of Trustees
Michael Marshall -- Assistant Professor, Biology
Rick Ruth -- Associate Provost
Thomas Schroeder -- Chair/Professor of Chemistry
Thomas Segar -- Graduate Student
Madelyn Valunas -- Dean, Library and Media Services