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The Faculty/Staff Helpdesk is located in the Mathematics and Computing Technologies Center (MCT), on the first floor in Room MCT 071 as part of the Computer Technologies Center.

Fall 2014 
Faculty/Staff Help Desk Phone Support Hours:




7:00 AM to 5:00 PM


7:00 AM to 5:00 PM


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7:00 AM to 5:00 PM



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Open Wireless Network Access
for Sponsored Guests

Guests Currently Visiting Campus:

Guests currently on campus will open up a web browser and will be redirected to a registration page.  From there, they will be required to click on the "guest" network access button.  After accepting the user agreement and computer/network use policy, be directed to a page that will have a place for them to log in with a username and password (if they are pre-registered).  If the user is not pre-registered, they will need to fill out the form on the other side of the page which will require a sponsor's e-mail address to be entered.  Only Faculty or Staff members of Shippensburg University may approve guest network access.  The sponsor is responsible for the guest's activity while using the network at Shippensburg University.

Guest Access

 Pre-Registering Future Guests:

Guests who know ahead of time that they will be visiting Shippensburg University and would like to have guest access to the network may pre-register by visting the Guest Pre-Registration Website.  Once the form is completed, the selected sponsor will recieve an e-mail to approve the request.  Upon approval, the guest will receive an e-mail in their personal e-mail address (entered in the form) with a username and password to use upon their arrival at Shippensburg University.  Each username and password may be used to connect a maximum of two devices.  The sponsor is responsible for the guest's activity while using the network at Shippensburg University.  

Guest Pre-Registration Website

Guest Pre-Registration  


All guests are registered for a period of 7 days from the time they log on to the campus network.  If you have a guest who will be visiting campus for a period of time longer than 7 days, please contact the Shippensburg Faculty/Staff Helpdesk.