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Starting 08/26/2013, opscans can now be picked up at our new location in MCT 071

Our hours have also changed, we are now open:

Monday - Friday:  

7:00AM to 5:00PM


For more information, please visit our Opscan Webpage:
Optical Scanning

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Location and Hours

The Faculty/Staff Helpdesk is located in the Mathematics and Computing Technologies Center (MCT), on the first floor in Room MCT071 as part of the Computer Technologies Center.

Faculty/Staff Helpdesk Hours:




7:00a to 5:00p


7:00a to 5:00p


7:00a to 5:00p


7:00a to 5:00p


7:00a to 5:00p



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Instructions & Walkthroughs

Welcome to the Shippensburg University Faculty/Staff Help Desk's Instructions and Walkthroughs page.  This page includes walkthroughs for checking e-mail, filling out op-scan forms, setting up and checking your barracuda spam filter, and many other helpful instructions.  Take a look at the page to see if there is a walkthrough that is helpful for you. 

If you run into issues following a walkthrough, or have additional questions, the Faculty/Staff Help Desk is here to help  you with your technical support needs.  Please feel free to call us (x4357 option 2) or send us an e-mail ( and we'll be glad to help!


Computer/Network Walkthroughs

How to Find Your Computer Name 

How to Find Network Information 

Off campus network drive access - PC 

Off campus network drive access - Mac 

Removing Pre-Existing Antivirus prior to Sophos Install 

T-Drive File Recovery 

Disable Common Pop-up Blockers 



E-mail/Mobile Device Walkthroughs

Barracuda Instructions 

Outlook Delegate Instructions 

Set-up Outlook Anywhere 

Shippensburg Email Setup for Android  

Shippensburg Email Setup for iPhone 

Shippensburg Email Setup for Windows Mobile 6.1