New Tech Fee Projects Funded 2004

Computer lab - 16 units: MCT162 for Computer Science 

Augmentation of existing computer labs thru the purchase of 16 computers to bring the seat capacity up to 32 per room. Students complete laboratory exercises that include teaching programming concepts and provide tools for experimentation and visualization of those concepts. The goal is to demonstrate the application of technology to solving computer programming problems through course content.

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Presentation stations: GEO  

Smart technology installed in the classrooms for visual and audio presentation enhancement. Includes the ability to tie DVD, Internet, and Computer audio/visual aids together into one management console for presentation of course materials.

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Graphics computer lab: MCT165 Computer Science 

Purchase of a gigabit Ethernet switch and data projector to support advanced networking and graphics students in the Computer Science Department.

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MBA Plasma Screen: GRH006 COB

Provides the students with state-of-the-art Plasma display for the Distance Education Classroom in Grove Hall, utilized by the College of Business students as well as other students campus-wide.

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Student Development Lab: GRH305 MIS 

Provides computers and a printer to support students in the College of Business and other departments in development of graphic, presentation and other multi-media projects.

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Presentation stations: SPH100, 160, 220, 340, 370 COE 

Smart technology installed in the classrooms for AV presentation enhancement. Tying DVD, Internet, and Computer aids together into one console for presentation of course materials. Additional peripherals installed in the seven departments of the College of Education and Human Services as needed.  The department of Exercise Science established a computer classroom for the students of that department.

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Augmentation of Student Smart Study Room/Student Laptop checkout:  ELL 

Creation of a Smart Study Room in the Ezra Lehman Library for usage by the students and expantion of the current highly utilized student Laptop Checkout program, establishing a forum for students to work collaboratively in the Library.

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General Purpose Wireless Computer Classroom consisting of 24 Laptops and Cart

Provides wireless computers and general purpose software to be used in various classrooms and shared by various departments as needed.

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