Study Abroad Ambassadors

Dominic F4

Dominic Ferentinos

Photo pictured: Standing outside the Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya (MNAC) in Barcelona, Spain. Studying abroad is the best decision that I have made while attending Shippensburg University. I not only met different people of the world and saw some of the Earth's greatest beauties, but I also came back with a new set of skills and a greater understanding of what I want to do after graduation.

Marcus Loner

"This is the town of Luneburg, where I lived and went to school. The best part about studying abroad was meeting people from all over the world".

Marcus Loner2

Ashton Perry

Ashton Perry

"In this picture I'm at a Sevilla FC Copa del Rey soccer match. The best thing about studying abroad is learning more outside of the classroom than in it. Don't get me wrong, my education was an immersion experience in and of itself, but traveling and simple conversations with friends or locals taught and inspired me more than I could ever have imagined".

Nicholas Johnson

Photo pictured: Walking along the Great Wall of China in Beijing.

"Self-growth is found in those spaces outside of your comfort zone. Become comfortable with being uncomfortable."

"To know the world, become of it"

Nicolas Johnson

Timothy Kingston

Timothy Kingston

"I've always loved adventure, and while studying abroad I was able to fulfill my need for that. By traveling, learning new cultures, and meeting a lot of people from all over the world, I can honestly say that there has been no better opportunity. In this picture, I am in my country of study at Legoland. Lego is one of Denmark's largest companies and I had an absolute blast at their amusement park.

Preston Rice

"For my semester abroad, I studied at the University of Westminster in London, England. The best part of studying abroad is experiencing a completely different culture and meeting some awesome people. I was able to meet people from multiple countries and I still remain in touch with them today. By studying abroad, I was able to broaden my horizons and see more of what this world has to offer. There's no doubt that traveling abroad was one of the best experiences of my college career. This is a picture of me standing at the Prime Meridian based at the Royal Observatory, in Greenwich, London".

Preston 2

Danielle 2

Danielle Baer

"In the picture my friends and I went to a soccer game, Costa Rica vs. Venezuela, and Costa Rica won. The best thing about studying abroad was the everlasting friendships that were made." (pictured, second from right)

Victoria Bremer

"In the picture, we hiked to the top of a mountain in Granada to get a nice view of the entire city. The best thing about studying abroad was getting to experience an entirely new culture while making new friends and trying new things every day. It was an adventure!" (pictured, far left)

Victoria Bremer

Ali M 3

Ali Mowers

"My internship in New Zealand was nothing short of amazing. I completely fell in love with its Kiwi culture and gorgeous landscapes, but beyond that, my favorite aspect was constantly being put out of my comfort zone. Between my internship and my travels I was faced with so much 'new'- and it was exhilarating. Meeting like-minded people along the way only made me feel more at home when I was worlds away. This photo was taken in Queenstown, NZ- the adventure capital of the world! I'm standing in front of a mountain range appropriately named The Remarkables."

Carlie Johnson

“This is a picture from my first week in London standing in front of Big Ben! I would say the best part of studying abroad was being able to travel around to so many places and learn about so many cultures with the most amazing lifelong friends I made over there."

Carlie Johnson2
Jorge Santiago

Jorge Santiago -- England

Studying abroad in a foreign country was my most rewarding college experience thus far. I spent my Fall 2014 semester in Barcelona, Spain and was able to stay right on track with my degree here at Ship. It is said that traveling the world is the only thing you buy in life that makes you richer and I truly believe that. Studying in Europe gave me the opportunity to easily travel to many different countries and experience different cultures from around the world. This picture was taken in front of Big Ben, the famous grandfather clock in London, England.

Nicole Houck -- Italy

The best part about studying abroad was being given the opportunity to explore a foreign country, making new friends and taking in so much new knowledge along the way.

The picture was taken in Florence, Italy on top of the dome of The Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore overlooking the city. It took 463 steps to get to the top, but it was worth it!

Nicole Houck