Jump Start Dates

July 8, 2012 - Check-In & Orientation

July 9, 2012 - Jump Start Courses Begin

August 9, 2012 - Courses & Program End


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Frequently Asked Questions

The following information provides some answers to basic questions about the Jump Start Programs to help you better understand the programs and what you may expect as a participant. If you do not find the answers or information you need, do not hesitate to contact the Jump Start Staff at

What is Jump Start?

Jump Start is a program for first-year students who have earned and confirmed their admission to Shippensburg University. Jump Start is not a summer camp. Its focus is college-level academics and students are challenged with a "real life" college experience. Jump Start offers an exciting opportunity for motivated students to begin their college journey early and get a jump start on reaching their goals of attending and graduating from SHIP.

Who may participate?

Students who have been admitted to the University may participate after they confirm that they will be coming to Shippensburg University.

When is Jump Start?

The Jump Start Program is conducted during the university's Summer Term 5: July 9 - August 9, 2012. Students are required to attend the June Orientation and the Jump Start Orientation held on the Sunday, July 8. Classes begin Monday, July 9 and end August 9. Students should not plan any major events, such as vacation, wedding, surgery, camps, or work commitments during these dates. Courses and Jump Start activities are conducted Monday-Thursday of each week. No required activities are scheduled on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.  However, the Student Union or residence hall may schedule recreational weekend events, and there are plenty of campus activities for students to enjoy.

Is Jump Start mandatory?

Those who choose to join the Jump Start programs are expected to attend classes as a regular college student, as well as attend scheduled Jump Start events.  However, being accepted to Shippensburg University and confirming to come here does not mean that you must participate in the Jump Start program.  It is optional for all incoming first year students.

When do students need to show up on campus?

 The residence hall is open for move-in on Sunday morning, July 8, 2012. Students must attend the Jump Start Orientation on Sunday, July 8, 2012. Classes begin on Monday, July 9, 2012.

Program Two: Please check back later for more information.

How many students are enrolled?

Jump Start will accept 40 students. Therefore, acceptance is on a first-come-first-serve basis. Students who apply after the enrollment is filled are placed on a waiting list and will be admitted only if a place becomes available.

What courses do Jump Start students take?

Students are scheduled to take two courses during the Summer Term V session (July 9-August 9, 2012). Each course is a 3-credit hour, college-level, general education course that applies to graduation requirements, such as GPA and credits earned. Each class meets Monday through Thursday; course #1 from 8:00am - 9:50 and course #2 from 10:00am - 11:50.  Students are scheduled into appropriate courses based on their placement testing results and intended major or area of interest. Not all developmental-level courses are offered in the summer. Students who place into developmental courses will be scheduled for those courses in the fall semester. Many first year students find that the depth and intensity of the courses are significantly different from what they experienced in high school. The five-week summer term is very intense and fast-paced. To succeed, students must go to every class period and keep up with course readings and assignments.

Can students change their course schedule?

It is a university policy that the university Registrar's Office sets the schedules for all new first year students.  Moreover, first year students do not have the option to change their schedules. This will be true for fall semester scheduling as well.

What can Jump Start students do other than go to classes?

One of the objectives for Jump Start is to provide students with helpful assistance and resources to enhance their potential for success. Therefore, various support services are offered. Students are not required to attend all Jump Start sponsored programs, but it is strongly encouraged. The main thing students do is study. To succeed in their scheduled courses, students can anticipate spending 16 hours in study time each week. Study hall hours are scheduled in the afternoons for Jump Start students and the library is open throughout the day.  Also, there are study lounges in each dorm to utilize if the students room is not appropriate for studying.  Students also participate in small group activities that focus on academic skills and team building, recreation, and residence life, as well as other campus activities.  Therefore, there is plenty to keep students busy and entertained. Students have access to the university Learning Center, Library, Student Union and recreation facilities on campus. Students also work closely with university staff members, who will assist them in developing academic plans and becoming familiar with the campus.

Are Jump Start students required to stay in the residence hall during the summer term?

 Students who live within the immediate area are not required to live on campus; they may commute.  However, it is recommended that students live in the residence hall to give them a more complete college experience.  Living in a residence hall also provides opportunities for students to become familiar with the campus, to take advantage of campus resources, to begin to establish new friendships, to get to know their professors, and to initiate the process of taking responsibility for their experiences. Furthermore, it encourages students to focus on the purpose of being here. Sometimes the familiar sights, sounds, and friends of home are distracters. Students who do not live in the residence hall are still expected to attend and be on time for every class period and to participate in Jump Start programs and activities.

When will roommates be announced?

The rooms are double-occupancy with restroom/bath facilities in each hall. Residence life makes the roommate assignments. Jump Start students are paired with another participant in the program. Exactly who that person will be may not be known until students check in for the program.

Are students allowed to bring a vehicle to campus?

Program One: Yes. Students who plan to have a personal vehicle on campus throughout the summer program will be required to purchase a parking decal. The cost for the decal is $65.00.  Two storage lots are designated on campus for first year students to park.  Students will be able to get it on the Sunday of orientation at the campus police department.

How much will the Jump Start Program cost?

Shippensburg University's tuition and fees are set by the State System of Higher Education's Board of Governors and/or Shippensburg University's Council of Trustees. Jump Start students pay the regular summer tuition and fee rates for the Summer Term V session. *Rates are subject to change.

For more information please go to Student Accounts

Bills will be mailed to the student approximately June 2. The bill with payment is due back to Shippensburg University by June 22.

Students should also be sure to secure between $100-$300 for textbooks.

Is financial aid available for Jump Start students?

Since Jump Start students are admitted into the university, they are eligible for federal, state, or university financial aid. However, some students do arrange financial assistance through their banking or lending institutions. For university financial aid information, contact the Financial Aid Office, 717-477-1131.

Who do I call if I have questions?

  • Jump Start Program: 717-477-1627 
  • Admissions Office 717-477-1231 
  • Residence Life 717-477-1701
  • Office of Disability Services 717-477-1329
  • Financial Aid Office 717-477-1131