Fall 2012

  • Professors Lance Bryant and James Hamblin had the paper, "The Maximal Denumerant of a Numerical Semigroup," accepted for publication in the Semigroup Forum.
  • Professors Lance Bryant, James Hamblin, and Lenny Jones had the paper, "Maximal Denumerant of Numerical Semigroups with Embedding Dimension Less Than Four," accepted for publication in the Journal of Commutative Algebra.
  • The fourth annual Cumberland Valley Math Modeling Challenge was held at Shippensburg University on September 29 and 30, 2012.   Sixteen teams (of up to three students each) from eleven colleges worked for 24 hours using their math skills to solve real world problems. At the conclusion of the contest, all teams successfully submitted solutions in written and oral forms; turning in an executive summary of their findings and giving a 10 minute presentations explaining their results. The student participants chose “Manifest Density” the Montgomery College (MD) team’s presentation addressing how to confront the issue of (inevitable) urban growth and the need to maintain a plentiful food supply as the contest winning talk. Students also presented solutions modeling the financial effect of Pennsylvania adopting a proportionality method for allocating Electoral College votes. Three teams of Shippensburg University students successfully completed the contest. Student participants were: Grant Innerst, Allen Koederitz, Ryan Long, Ashley Micik, Moumouni Noma, Derek Robertson, and Anna TroupDr. Ben Galluzzo of the Mathematics Department was the event director. Linzy Hull, Maria McHale, Kayleigh Schreyer, members of the Shippensburg University Math Club, volunteered their time to help run the event. Shippensburg faculty, Drs. Lance Bryant, Tom Crochunis, Doug Ensley, Mike Long and Shannon Mortimore-Smith helped judge student papers and provided feedback on their presentations. 
  • Professors Tom Evitts, Dave Kennedy, and Mike Long along with student Ricardo Pinzon attended the National Council of Teachers in Mathematics Regional Meeting in Hartford, CT, on October 25-26, 2012. At this conference . . .
    • Dr. Evitts presented, "Mathematics Homework for the 21st century."
    • Dr. Kennedy presented, "Save Money: Simulate the Lottery."
    • Dr. Long presented, "Math Models with Many Spokes."
    • Ricardo Pinzon served as a conference volunteer and attended sessions.
  • Professor Ben Galluzzo and student Grant Innerst participated in the 4th annual corn-eating contest during this year's Corn Festival. Grant took first place while Dr. Galluzzo took fourth.
  • Professor Mike Long has begun a two-year term as President of the Pennsylvania Council of Teachers of Mathematics.
  • Professor Lance Bryant presented, "Filtrations in One-Dimensional Analytically Irreducible Noetherian Local Domains," at the Iberian Meeting on Numerical Semigroups in Vila Real, Portugal on July 19, 2012 

Spring 2012

  • Professors Dave Kennedy, Debbie Gochenaur, and Tom Evitts along with student Megan Rowson  attended the Annual Meeting of the West Virginia Council of Teachers of mathematics (WVCTM) in Flatwoods, WV on March 16-17, 2012. At this conference... 
    • Dr. Kennedy presented, "Probability with Native American Game Sticks, " in the grades 6-8 session. 
    • Dr. Gochenaur and Megan Rowson presented, "Charting a Course Through the Murky Waters of Math Learning Deficits," in the grades 6-12 session. 
    • Dr. Evitts presented, "Mathematics Homework for the 21st Century," in the grades 6-12 session. 
  •  Professor Dave Kennedy is the team coach of a five-member group of Shippensburg University students that won the Pennsylvania Collegiate Chess Championship in Carlisle, PA on March 3 and 4, 2012. The students were Mike Vendetti, Pepe Chavez, Clay Henninger, Toan Do, and team caption Nick Pedersen.
  • Professor Marc Renault and student Josh Ide had the paper  “Power Fibonacci Sequences” accepted for publication in The Fibonacci Quarterly.

    Professors Kim Presser, Winston Crawley, Kate McGivney, Lance Bryant, Ben Galluzzo, Paul Taylor, James Hamblin, Doug Ensley, Ji Young Choi, Mike Long,  and Lenny Jones and Students Josh Ide and Johnathan Hocker attended the 2012 Joint Mathematics Meetings of the American Mathematical Society and the Mathematical Association of America in Boston, MA. At this conference...

    •  Dr McGivney presented, "Moving from Theory to Practice: A Lesson Plan Activity for a History of Mathematics Course," in the MAA Paper Session Teaching Mathematics Beyond the Calculus Sequence. 
    • Dr. Galluzzo co-organized the MAA sessions Modeling Across the Mathematics Curriculum, I and Modeling Across the Mathematics Curriculum, II. He also presented, "Candy Bar Election," in the MAA session on Projects, Demonstrations, and Activities that Engage Liberal Arts Mathematics Students, I.
    • Dr. Taylor presented, "Using MS Excel to Imporve Understanding of Financial Mathematics," in the MAA session on Quantitative Literacy and Decision Making. 
    • Dr. Hamblin organized the MAA Professional Development Committee panel discussion Getting Your Textbook Published. 
    • Dr. Ensley was a panelist for the MAA Professional Development Committee panel discussion Getting Your Textbook Published. 
    • Dr. Presser co-organized the MAA session on Developmental Mathematics Education: Helping Under-Prepared Students Transition to College-Level Mathematics with Dr. Crawley. She also presented, "A Statistical Odyssey: Modernizing the Discussion Board to Enhance Student Engagement," in the MAA session on Innovations in Teaching Statistics in the New Decade, II. 
    • Dr. Crawley co-organized the MAA session on Developmental Mathematics Education: Helping Under-Prepared Students Transition to College-Level Mathematics with Dr. Presser. 
    • Dr. Jones presented, "Polynomial Cunningham Chains," in the AMS Session on Number Theory, Field Theory, and Polynomials, II. 
    • Dr. Choi presented, "Generating Differential Equations for Multi-Restricted Stirling Numbers," in the AMS session on Combinatorics and Graph Theory, III.
    • Dr. Long presented, "Building Mathematics Understanding with Toys," in the MAA session on Touch It, Feel It, Learn It: Tactile Learning Activities in the Undergraduate Mathematics Classroom, III.
    • Josh Ide presented, "Enumerating Invariant Subspaces of R^n," in the AMS session on Linear Algebra and Multilinear Algebra: Matrix Theory (mentor Dr. Jones). 

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