Math Department Student Organizations

Mathematics students at Shippensburg are active in three different organizations with national affiliations.

S.U. Math Club

The Math Club is a Student Association recognized club open to all students with an interest in mathematics. The Math Club is also an official Student Chapter of the Mathematical Association of America. In addition to mathematically-themed social events and fundraisers, this group runs an annual Math and Computer Day for high school students.


  • Faculty Advisor: Dr. Luis Melara (
  • President: Matt Christman
  • Secretary: Kaitlyn Shultz
  • Treasurer: Brielle Arch
  • Fundraiser: Brandon Thrush

S.U. SIAM Student Chapter

The SIAM Student Chapter is affiliated with the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics. This group sponsors applied mathematics lectures and participates in the annual Mathematical Contest in Modeling.


  • Faculty Advisor: Dr. Luis Melara (
  • President: David Heath
  • Secretary: William Warner
  • Treasurer: Brielle Arch
  • Fundraiser: Matthew Christman

Kappa Mu Epsilon Mathematics Honor Society

S.U. is home to the Pennsylvania Iota chapter of KME, a national honor society founded in 1930 with over 100 chapters nationwide. The activities of this organization include annual initiation of new members and cleaning our adopted stretch of US11 south of Shippensburg.


  • Faculty Advisor: Dr. Ji Young Choi ( & Dr. Paul Taylor (
  • President: Laura Henzy
  • Vice president: Chad Nunemaker
  • Secretary: Lauren Robinson
  • Treasurer: Drew Snyder
  • Historian: Edi Rumano