Self-Study Timeline

April 21, 2017: Initial Meeting of the Steering Committee, including all working groups

 May 5, 2017: Second Meeting of the Steering Committee, discussion of Self-Study design

 Early June, 2017: Self-Study Design submitted to MSCHE Liaison

 July 2017: Revision of Self-Study Design based on comments from MSCHE Liaison

 August 2017: Final Draft of Self-Study Design to MSCHE Liaison

 September 1, 2017: Comments back from MSCHE Liaison

 September-October 2017: Liaison visit to campus

 August-Dec. 2017: Monthly meeting of working groups and Executive Committee

 December 2017: Full meeting of Steering Committee with updates

 February 28, 2018: First drafts of working group reports due

 May 15, 2018: Final drafts of reports due

 August 30, 2018, First draft of Self-Study completed and circulated to university stakeholders for review and comment

 September 2018: Open Forums for Campus Community

 October 2018: MSCHE Team Chair preliminary visit

 October-Nov. 2018: Final editing of Self-Study

 December 2018: Printing of Self-Study

 January 2019: Final Draft of Self-Study submitted to Commission and Visiting Team

 March 2019: Middle States Team Visit

 April-May 2019: Initial Response to Visiting Team’s Report

 June 2019: MSCHE Action