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It is now possible to get certified in German provided that another language major is also chosen. Students interested will have to pass the Praxis in German and take all the pertinent courses in Education.

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Call for Papers

Text and Context:  The Evolving Landscape of Language, Culture and Power

Fifth Biennial Modern Languages Conference

May 3, 2014

Now more than ever, our evolving world is requiring global competence from its citizens.  What is the role of language and cultural fluency in this global environment?  How does it relate to power?  How has our understanding of language and culture changed for a particular time and place?  What new insights are being provided and what challenges remain?  And what are the repercussions of failure?  We invite submissions of papers and suggestions for panels in literature, cultural and historical studies, linguistics, and pedagogy. We understand “text” broadly and especially encourage interdisciplinary approaches. Possible topics include but are not limited to: 

  • Literary Studies in and out of Context
  • Teaching Texts and Contexts
  • Comparative Foreign Language Education
  • The Power of Language and the Culture of Power 
  • Women’s Studies
  • Cultural Paradigm Shifts
  • Literary Contextualizations of Power Relationships
  • Textual Reception across the Ages
  • Historical Linguistics
  • Metalinguistic (Mis-)Understandings
  • Queer Theory Contextualized
  • Languages in Unexpected Places
  • Aesthetics and the Canon in Evolution
  • Cultural Exceptions

Papers can be presented in Chinese, French, German, Spanish, or English. Reading time should not exceed 20 minutes. A revised version of selected papers will be considered for publication in the fourth issue of the refereed Shippensburg Journal of Modern Languages (SJML). 

Please send a 300-word abstract electronically to the corresponding panel chairs. Abstracts for languages other than Chinese, French, German or Spanish are to be sent to Dr. Ragone, Conference Chair.  Abstract deadline: January 31st, 2014. 


Caribbean Lit/Poetry, Translation Theory
Dr. Robert Lesman, rslesman@ship.edu

Chinese Literature and Culture
Dr. Jennifer Pomeroy, jypomeroy@ship.edu

French Literature and Culture, Translation Theory
Dr. Blandine Mitaut, bmmitaut@ship.edu 

Foreign Language Education
Dr. Robert Lesman, rslesman@ship.edu 

German Literature and Culture
Dr. David Wildermuth,dwwildermuth@ship.edu 

Latin American Literature and Culture
Dr. Marcela Pineda, mapine@ship.edu 

Spanish Linguistics, French Linguistics
Dr. Agnès Ragone, acrago@ship.edu 

Spanish, Peninsular Literature and Culture
Dr. Àngela Bagués, aebagu@ship.edu