French Club and Honor Society


Printemps 2017

Induction into Pi Delta Phi

The French Honors Society had its Spring induction on the 28th of April. The new members, Marleigh Chaney, Keysla Rodriguez and Elyse Keegan, were confirmed into the society by Dr. Mitaut, adviser for Pi Delta Phi. Older members attended the event as well and a party where French food was served followed.

Pi Delta Phi 1 2017

Pi Delta Phi 2 2017Pi Delta Phi 3 2017

Pi Delta Phi 4 2017Pi Delta Phi 5 2017


The Club was lucky to have a very enlightening presentation on the African country of Senegal made by Mr. Isaac Dietrich. Mr. Dietrich, who lived 11 years in Senegal and has visited several African countries shared his experience and insights. The Q & A session that followed the presentation showed he had raised the interest of the audience and piqued everyone's curiosity. Job well done!!

Sengal 2017 1 Sengal 2017 2

Mardi Gras

On February 23rd and in conjunction with the Klub Kreyol, the French Club hosted its 6th Annual Mardi Gras Ball, a fundraiser for Haiti. Participants were offered typical fare from the Mardi Gras traditions in the French-speaking world: beignets (France) and King Cake (Louisiana). Doubloons and beads, the Louisiana throws or tokens, were also given out. The evening included Haitian dancing under the direction of Dr. Ricardo. The participants were given a little talk by Drs. Mitaut and Ragone about the traditions of Mardi Gras and the endeavors of the French Program in Haiti.

The winners of the event's contest were: Marleigh Cheney (best mask); Serge Kalambay (best dancer); Elder Jean-Baptiste (special dancing prize). Pierre Mede and Taren Swartz were chosen as King and Queen of Mardi Gras for their enthusiasm and good humor throughout the evening.

The event raised $150.00 for Haiti and 100% of the proceeds go to the building of a dispensary in the island.

Mardi Gras 2017 French 1

Mardi Gras 2017 French 4 Mardi Gras 2017 French 2

Mardi Gras 2017 French 3 Mardi Gras 2017 French 5

Trip to DC

The French Club traveled to DC to see two stunning exhibits at the Phillips Collection. The first included lithographs by Toulouse-Lautrec and illustrated the Paris of the Belle Epoque. The second was a series of painted by noted artist Jacob Lawrence and that depict the life of Toussaint L'Ouverture, liberator of Haiti. The visit allowed the members of the Club to become acquainted with a variety of issues around the French-speaking world.

The Club had dinner at the Bistro du Coin in Dupont Circle, enjoying French cuisine. A fitting conclusion for a memorable day!

DC French 1

DC French 3 DC French 4

DC French 5 DC French 2

Automne 2016

Félicitations aux nouveaux officiers du Club!!

Président: Andrew Hutchinson

Vice-President: Mitchell Nickerson

Secrétaire: Emily Kennedy

Trésorière: Marisa Rhoads



9 septembre, 2-4 pm, RLH 177 : Film Être et avoir de Nicolas Philibert (1h44mns)

17 septembre : Voyage à Washington pour voir l’exposition Hubert Robert. Contacter les Drs. Mitaut ( ou Ragone ( pour votre réservation.

23 septembre, 15h30-16h45 : « French Children’s Activities » à la bibliothèque municipale de Shippensburg (Shippensburg Public Library), une opportunité pour vous de mettre vos compétences de français au service des enfants de la communauté. Ces activités pour enfants ont pour but de faire découvrir une autre langue et une autre culture aux enfants, en même temps que de les aider à mieux lire et mieux écrire. Contactez le Dr. Mitaut si vous voulez participer.

30 septembre, 15h30-16h45 : « French Children’s Activities » à la bibliothèque municipale de Shippensburg (Shippensburg Public Library)


7 octobre, 15h30-16h45 : « French Children’s Activities » à la bibliothèque municipale de Shippensburg (Shippensburg Public Library)

14 octobre, 2-4 pm, RLH 117 : Film Welcomede Philippe Lioret (1h49 mns)

14 octobre, 15h30-16h45 : « French Children’s Activities » à la bibliothèque municipale de Shippensburg (Shippensburg Public Library)

21 octobre, 15h30-16h45 : « French Children’s Activities » à la bibliothèque municipale de Shippensburg (Shippensburg Public Library)

22-29 octobre : visite de nos amis de St Jo. Plusieurs événements seront organisés pour vous permettre de les rencontrer et leur faire découvrir Ship.

28 octobre, 2-4 pm, RLH 117: Film Inch’ Allah Dimanche de Yamina Benguigui (1h38mns)

31 octobre : Film de Halloween « The Serpent and the Rainbow » --Le Vaudou haïtien vu par Hollywood. L’heure et la salle seront annoncées.


1er novembre : Après-midi d’Immersion—visitez le monde gratuitement en une après-midi ! De 3H30 à 5 H dans le Département de Langues Modernes.

3 novembre : Venez écoutez vos amis qui sont allés en France, au Maroc et en Haïti. L’heure et la salle seront annoncées

9 novembre : Dance-a-thon—Dansez avec vos amis pour une bonne cause, celle de Haïti (entrée: $5.00). De 6H30 à 10H30. CUB 232.

18 novembre, 2-4pm, RLH 117 : Persépolisde Marjane Satrapi (1h36)


2 décembre : Bazar de Noël—Venez trouver des cadeaux uniques venant de Haïti pour vos amis et votre famille. 10H-14H, Spiritual Center.

Andrew Hutchinson ( organisera des déjeuners sur le pouce et une soirée.

Sortie du 17 septembre

The club went to visit the Hubert Robert exhibit at the National Gallery of Art in Washington DC. Present were Andrew Hutchison, President, Mitch Nickerson, Vice-President, Marisa Rhoads, Treasurer and Emily Kennedy, Secretary. They were joined by Santiago Serrano, Nate Powles, Julia Noren, Noel Garcia and Arielle Houck. This important painter worked before, during and after the French Revolution, and produce many monumental paintings. The members of the club admired the Robert's oeuvre and participated in a treasure hunt to discover many aspects hidden in the works. After the visit, the group, sponsored by Drs. Mitaut and Ragone,went for dinner at Paul's, the French bakery established for the last few years in Washington. This has become a trdition of the club when going at the National Gallery.

French 1 Fall 2016 French 2 Fall 2016

French 3 2016 French 4 2016


They danced, they washed, they played ping-pong...AND THEY RAISED $364.00

CONGRATULATIONS to all the members of the French and Creole Clubs for their relentless efforts to raise money for Haiti. Thanks to them, the village of Gros Mangle is that much closer to have a much needed dispensary.

Fund 1 Fund 2

Fund 3 Fund 4

Automne 2015

The French Club is meeting every week at the Table Française in RLH 117, on alternate Wednesdays and Fridays. Please check the schedule in the room for further information.

On October 3rd, the club traveled to Washington, D.C. to see the exhibit on famed impressionist painter Gustave Caillebotte at the National Gallery of Art. The members of the club had dinner at Paul's bakery after the visit.

French club brunch French club brunch 3 French club brunch 2

The President of the club, Gabby Gomani, is planning a Halloween French breakfast for Saturday the 31st of October. All those interested should contact Gabby for further information.

Printemps 2015

Four Officers

seated, left, Gabby Gomani, president, right, Angela Sime, secretary

standing, left, Andrew Hutchinson, vice -president, James Barciz, treasurer

IMG_0005[1] Group IMG_0004[1] Group

La Table Française

Sortie à Washington

On the 4th of April, the French Club went to the National Museum of African Art in DC to see two exhibits, one on Benin and a second on a variety of French-speaking African countries. The members admired modern interpretation of traditional art from Morocco, Côte d'Ivoire, Mali, Niger, Cameroon and many others.

Following the visit, the members of the club went to Bethesda to have dinner at Fresh Baguette, an authentic French bakery that prepares traditional specialties from scratch every day.

African Art Museum fresh Baguette

Dinner and a movie

Friday 20th of March, Andrew Hutchinson hosted the French Club at his house. Gabby Gomani had chosen the movie Les Intouchables for the evening. Hubert Sence, Chef Émérite, had prepared a French feast of Velouté de Petits Pois, Ballotine de Poulet and Tarte Tatin. Several members of the club became sous-chefs for the occasion. A MEMORABLE EVENING!

IMG_0064 IMG_0066 IMG_0068

Photos 1 et 3, Hubert aux fourneaux; photo 2, Piotr sous-chef!

The French Club hosted its 4th annual Mardi Gras Ball on the 17th of February. The Klub Kreyòl was co-sponsor of the event which is a fundraiser for the building of a dispensary in Haiti. Those attending received beads and dobloons and sampled beignets and King Cake. They were also able to see a series of photos taken in Haiti in January 2015, showing the life in the island and the prograa of the construction. $221.00 were raised, no thanks to the spirited dancing led by Dr. Ricardo. Angela Sime, secretary of the Club won the prize for best mask!

Mardi Gras 4(4) MG 5


Gabby Gomani, President of the club is planning dinner and a movie evenings this semester. Those interested should contact her for further information. The evenings will take place at the residence of Andrew Hutchinson, Vice-President of the Club.

The Club will go to Washington DC on the 4th of April to see an exhibit on Benin at the National Museum of African Art. Those interested should contact Drs. Mitaut and Ragone. Place is limited.

Automne 2014

The French Club enjoyed many activities this fall, from a picnic, to presentations by Hubert Sence and Lola Thebault and to weekly Wednesday meetings for lunch at the Reisner dining Hall.

The semester concluded with a trip to D.C. with Dr. Mitaut and Ragone. The students went to Hillwood Estates, home of Marjorie Merriweather Post, to admire her collection of Cartier jewlery exhibited in the Adirondack Room. They also saw the Sèvres collection shown in the mansion and could enjoy the music salon,decorated with 18th century French pieces.

After the visit, the club went to the La Madeleine restaurant in Bethesda, MD where the members had a very pleasant dinner. This dinner also served as a good-bye for Ms. Felicia Franklin, president of the club, who is graduating this December. CONGRATULATIONS...but you will be missed.

CONGRATULATIONS also to Ms. Gabby Gomani, the new president, Mr. Andrew Hutchinson, new vice-president, Ms. Angela Sime, secretary, and Mr. James Barciz, treasurer.

Automne 2014 pic1 Automne 2014 pic2

Automne 2014 pic3 Automne 2014 pic4

Printemps 2014

Fin de semestre

The French Club finished the spring 2014 with two memorable events. First was a dinner at the Café St.-Amand in Gettysburg on Saturday the 26th of April. A second event, on the 30th of May, allowed for a last meeting of the French Table with those who had not been able to come to the Café St. Amand. Everyone could wish a fond farewell to Mathilde, Camille and Adelaïde, the students from La Rochelle who had just spent a year at Shippensburg University. We will miss you!

French 5-6-14

La table française, de retour à Reisner

Où: à Reisner
Quand : le mercredi midi, à partir du 5 février

Mardi 5 février
Mercredi 12 février
Mercredi 19 février
Mercredi 26 février
Mercredi 5 mars
Mercredi 12 mars
Mercredi 26 mars
Mercredi 2 avril
Mercredi 9 avril
Mercredi 16 avril
Mercredi 23 avril
Mercredi 30 avril

Mardi 11 février, 18h30-20h30, au Spiritual Center : Fête de Mardi Gras - Fundraiser pour le projet en Haïti. Non seulement le Dr. Ricardo vous donnera un cours de zouk, mais grâce au soutien d’International Programs, vous pourrez aussi vous régaler de beignets et King Cake. Venez masqués et costumés ! Prix récompensant le meilleur costume, le meilleur danseur et le meilleur masque. Entrée : $3.00.

Click on the picture below for further information!

Mardi Gras

Mardi 11 mars, 19h00-21h30 (date et lieu à confirmer): Une Tempête d’Aimé Césaire. Représentation en anglais. Venez découvrir cette phénoménale réponse postcoloniale à la pièce The Tempest de Shakespeare. Cet événement constitue notre second fundraiser du semestre pour le projet de rénovation du dispensaire de Gros Mangles, en Haïti. Entrée : $5.00
Avril, jour et heure à déterminer, à RLH 101 : “Voulez-vous découvrir un autre monde? Volet 3”: Présentations de M. Godson Poliné sur Haïti, et M. Hicham Knitrate sur le Maroc.
Avril, jour et heure à déterminer, à RLH 101 : “Voulez-vous découvrir un autre monde? Volet 4”: regards croisés sur Paris. Présentation de Mlle. Mathilde Laporte sur sa ville, et de Mlle. Felicia Franklin sur le débarquement d’une Américaine à Paris.
Avril, jour et heure à déterminer, à RLH 101 : “Voulez-vous découvrir un autre monde? Volet 5”: Présentations de Mlle. Adélaïde Choveau sur La Rochelle, et Mlle. Camille Foucher sur Bordeaux.
Vendredi 25 ou Samedi 26 avril, 17h, Dîner au Café St. Amand de Gettysburg ou au restaurant haïtien de Lancaster.

Automne 2013

Sortie du 9 novembre

Le Club de Français est allé à Washington le 9 novembre en compagnie des Drs. Mitaut et Ragone. Les membres du club ont visité une exposition de photos de Charles Marville montrant l'évolution de Paris sous Napoléon III. Ils ont ensuite dîné chez Paul, le célèbre boulanger parisien qui a pignon sur rue à D.C.

French Club DC Trip 01 French Club DC Trip 02

Événements intéressants pour les francophiles de Shippensburg

Lundi 9 septembre, Fundraiser à Knute’s (Community Day) pour le projet en Haïti.

Mercredi 11 septembre, 17h00-18h00, à RLH 101: “Voulez-vous découvrir un autre monde? Volet 1”: Présentations de Mlle. Felicia Franklin sur son séjour à Boulogne-sur-Mer en juillet et M. Anthony Bucher sur son été à Aix-en-Provence.

Jeudi 10 octobre, 18h30-19h30, à RLH 101: “Voulez-vous découvrir un autre monde? Volet 2”: Présentations de M. Arnold Some sur le Burkina Faso et Mlle. Gabby Gomani sur la Tunisie.

Samedi 19 octobre, 13h, au Seth Grove Stadium : Fundraiser au match de foot : l’équipe de Shippensburg jouera contre Kutztown. Venez encourager les Red Raiders et faire une bonne action pour Haïti en même temps !!!

Lundi 21 octobre, 18h30-21h30, à DHC 051: projection du film Intouchables sponsorisé par le Foreign Film Club. Introduction et discussion avec Drs. Carey (Sociology) and Mitaut (Modern Languages).

Mardi 22 octobre, 15h30-16h45, à Rowland Hall : Immersion Afternoon. Organisé dans le cadre de la semaine de l’éducation internationale, cet événement permet à la communauté de Shippensburg de prendre connaissance des cultures et traditions de nombreuses régions du monde. Venez découvrir, dans la salle réservée au français, diverses régions de France et leurs coutumes.

5-10 novembre : National French Week. Plusieurs concours (essai, vidéo, poster) en rapport avec la francophonie sont organisés à l’occasion de la semaine française. Contactez les Drs. Mitaut et Ragone si vous voulez participer. L’un de nos étudiants de Ship, M. Benjamin Woodward, a remporté un prix dans la catégorie « Essai » il y a deux ans. Serez-vous le prochain gagnant aux couleurs de Ship ?

Samedi 9 novembre : Sortie du Club à Washington, D.C., 12h30-21h00. Rejoignez-nous pour une visite de la National Gallery où nous explorerons une expo de photos de Paris et de tableaux impressionnistes. Voyage en mini-bus de l'université. Transport et musée gratuits. Apportez juste de l'argent pour dîner.

Samedi 16 novembre : Concours de langues pour les lycées environnants. Venez applaudir les lycéens qui participeront aux épreuves de Jeopardy, poésie et karaoké en français, allemand, espagnol ou chinois, et participer au bon déroulement du concours. Si vous voulez être l’un des ambassadeurs du programme de français ce jour-là, contactez le Dr. Ragone ou le Dr. Mitaut.

Novembre, jour et heure à déterminer, à RLH 101 : “Voulez-vous découvrir un autre monde? Volet 3”: Présentation de M. Godson Poliné sur Haïti.

Nouveau ce semestre!

Nouveauté !
Quoi : Table française
Où : à Reisner
Quand : le mardi midi, à partir du 1er octobre

Venez nous retrouver aux dates suivantes (cherchez le petit drapeau aux couleurs de la France) pour parler français avec Adélaïde, Camille et Mathilde, trois charmantes étudiantes venues de l’École de Commerce de La Rochelle (France):

Mardi 1er octobre
Mardi 8 octobre
Mardi 22 octobre
Mardi 29 octobre
Mardi 5 novembre
Mardi 12 novembre
Mardi 19 novembre

Printemps 2013

The French Club held a fund raiser for Haiti in February. This second annual Mardi Gras Ball was a great success raising funds for a school in the village Gros Mangles. Karen Hoch and Bryant Snyder were elected Queen and King for the night. Dr. Ricardo provided dancing lessons while Drs. Mitaut and Ragone prepared French specialties for the occasion.







The French club had a field trip to the Hillwood Estate in Washington, DC to see the Prêt-à-Papier exhibit, thanks to a grant written by Dr. Mitaut. The students admired the extraordinary clothing designed entirely out of paper by Belgian artist, Isabelle de Borchgrave. Dinner followed at La Madeleine.





The French Club had its first meeting Friday the 7th of September. The meeting was called to order by the President, Felicia Franklin who made several remarks concerning the rules of the club and discussed the program for the semester. The club went then to the opening of the exhibit “Haiti, Another Vision” where they met the artists, Keely Kernan, Vady Confident and Anderson Ambroise. They could discuss in French with the last two, both native Haitian painters.

Programme pour l'automne 2012

21 septembre, 19 heures: réunion pour choisir le t-shirt du club. Felicia donnera plus d'information plus tard.

20 octobre, 12 heures: pique-nique à Laurel Lake.

26 octobre, 20 heures: fête de Halloween chez Felicia.

16 novembre à 18 heures: film.

Une sortie à Washington est aussi prévue pour voir l'exposition Prêt-à-Papier d'Isabelle de Borchgrave.




Spring 2014

On Friday the 25h of April, three students were inducted in the French Honors Society. In the presence of Mr. Mark Hammond and Mrs. Halima Gbaguidi, members of the Society, as well as Dr. Ragone, the new members, Reggie Hefner, Andrew Hutchinson and Houda Boumam, were inducted by Dr. Mitaut. A dinner followed, with Nigerien couscous, prepared by Mrs. Gbaguidi, and tarte aux pommes, celebrating the riches of the French-speaking world.

French2 5-6-14 French3 5-6-14

French4 5-6-14

Fall 2013

The induction ceremony for the fall semester took place on Friday the 8th of November. Under the guidance of Dr. Mitaut, Kane Brookens, Riya Thomas, Halima Gbaguidi, Simon DeBaets and Brianna Furhman were admitted in the society. Refreshments were served after the ceremony that included presentations on the favorite French artistic expressions of the inductees, from music to painting and poetry.

FR Club 2013-1 FR Club 2013-2
Spring 2013






The French Honor Society was delighted to initiate a new member this Spring 2013, Miss Rose Nakhla. During the ceremony, Miss Felicia Franklin read a selection of poems by Verlaine. Several members came to the occasion: Mrs. Annabelle Buerhle, Mr. Mark Hammond and Mr. Ben Woodward who received his cords for graduation. At the time of the refreshments, members and professors were joined by Mrs. Woodward, mother of Ben.

The French Honor Society is very proud to have had several winners of the prestigious Joseph W. Yedlicka Award. In 2002, Jomiel Ruiz was the recipient of the award. In 2003, Amy Diehl received the prize. Both went to France over the summer to study and the highlights of their stay can be found under the Students Adventures link. In 2013, Mr. Anthony Bucher received the award as well, to spent the summer and study in Aix-en-Provence.

Under the guidance of Dr. Heitsch, the Shippensburg Chapter of the French Honor Society PI DELTA PHI was created in 2001. The purpose of the society is to promote knowledge and appreciation of the French language. It also recognizes outstanding scholarship in the French language and its literatures, and encourages French and francophone cultural activities.

The charter members are Amy Lubienski, President, Brooke Culbertson, Renée Geist, Erin Koweleski, Jon Peters and Jomiel Ruiz. Honorary members are Dr. Dorothea Heitsch, Dr. Alain-Patrice Nganang and Dr. Agnès Ragone.

Fall 2011








The Fall 2011 induction included Felicia Franklin, Ben Woodward, Greg Alshwede, and Anthony Bucher. Welcome New Members!
The Honor Society had a splendid dinner at the Moroccan restaurant Argana in Carlisle following the ceremony.

Fall 2010



The fall 2010 inductees in the French Honors Society were, from left to right, Elisabeth Davis, Annabelle Myers and Eric Miller. Ben Ciccarone, member of the society, attended the ceremony. The new inductees went afterwards to the Café Bruges in Carlisle to celebrate. The mother and uncle of Eric as well as the boyfriend of Annabelle joined the group, seen here with Drs. Mitaut and Ragone.


The French Honor Society initiated its new members this spring. The President of the Soiety is Miss Jenna Scheaffer, the Vice-President, Miss Jamie McNulty. The new members include Mr. Brian Biery and Miguel Carrillo-Valois. Honorary members are Dr. Mitaut and Mr. Mark Hammond. Dr. Mitaut is the adviser for the society. After the initiation, the new members enjoyed a party with French cheeses and sweets.

French Honor Society Image 3

French Honor Society Image 2

French Honor Society Image 7

French Honor Society Image 8

French Honor Society Image 1

French Honor Society Image 6

French Honor Society Image 5

French Honor Society Image 10

French Honor Society Image 9

French Honor Society Image 4

La société Pi Delta Phi a fêté ses nouveaux membres au printemps 2009. Le Dr. Blandine Mitaut est la conseillère depuis son initiation par le Dr. Ragone. Bienvenue à tous!