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Are you interested in joining an organization that fosters learning and growth while meeting new people and socializing at the same time? Then you are encouraged to participate in Shippensburg University’s German Club. The German Club is a student run organization with the primary goal of supporting interest in the German language, history, and culture. No prior knowledge of the language is required to join, but if you do speak German, you will find many club members on different levels to practice and converse with in an informal setting. The club consists of monthly meetings, movie nights, and other German cultural events that are organized by club members. During past semesters, the German Club has participated in cultural fairs, taken trips to Washington DC for cultural events, and hosted celebrations for Easter, Christmas, and Oktoberfest.

Anyone with an interest in German is encouraged to join our organization, as we host a multitude of fun events celebrating German history, culture, language, and even literature, and we are always open to new ideas from students. The club is a great way to reinforce learning of the language in the classroom and to interact with other students. On behalf of the Shippensburg University German Club officers, we wish you all the best this semester and hope to see you at our club events.

2010 Fall Semester

German Club




The German Club enjoyed an outing to Washington D.C. on the 12th of November and had lunch in the sunshine at the Cafe Berlin .

Apple Festival

apple1 apple2
The German Club held its fundraiser at the National Apple Harvest Festival in Biglerville in Septmember.

International Soccer Tournament




Professor Paul Unruh organized an International Soccer Tournament among the language clubs. Here is the action...and the German Club won!!!!!!!


2010 Spring Semester


Thursday, January 28- German Club Meeting


Wednesday, February 3- Stammtisch in Shippensburg
Thursday, February 11 - German Club Meeting
Thursday, February 18 - Filmabend


Wednesday, March 3 - Stammtisch
Thursday, March 18 - German Club Meeting & Officer Elections
Thursday, March 25 - Filmabend


Thursday, April 1 - Easter
Wednesday, April 7 - Stammtisch
Thursday, April 15 - German Club Meeting
Thursday, April 22 - Filmabend
Saturday, April 24 - Sunday, April 25- Modern Language Conference
*Additional details about Easter and the Modern Language
Conference will be provided at a later date.


German Club Meetings
- begin at 4:00pm in 117 Rowland Hall
Stammtisch - begins at 7:00pm at Marketcross Pub in Shippensburg
Filmabend - begins at 6:00pm at 701 Bard Townhouses

*Additional Club Events will be announced at alater date!

GermanClub Image 1
The German Club enjoyed a bowling outing in the 2009 Spring
GermanClub Image 2
GermanClub Image 3
GermanClub Image 38
Celebrating the fall of the Berlin Wall in D.C.
GermanClub Image 39
A fun evening and a fine dinner at the Schmankerlstube
in Hagerstown in November.
GermanClub Image 4 GermanClub Image 5
GermanClub Image 6
Here is the 2009 Christmas Party! Note how
Dr. Grewling contributed to the cookie baking.

German Easter Fest / Egg Hunt and Film Night

Here are some photos for the grand finale of the 2009 Spring semester for the German Club.

GermanClub Image 7 GermanClub Image 8
GermanClub Image 9 GermanClub Image 10
GermanClub Image 11 GermanClub Image 12
GermanClub Image 13 GermanClub Image 14
GermanClub Image 15

Movie Night

At the end of March, the German Club had a movie evening where all had a good time!

GermanClub Image 16 GermanClub Image 17
GermanClub Image 18


The German Club enjoyed bowling early in March and invidted members of other clubs to join the fun!

GermanClub Image 19 GermanClub Image 20
GermanClub Image 21 GermanClub Image 22
GermanClub Image 23 GermanClub Image 24
GermanClub Image 25 GermanClub Image 26
GermanClub Image 27

D.C. Trip

In February 2009, the German Club went to Washington D.C. to see the Holocaust Museum and had lunch at the Old Europe Restaurant.

GermanClub Image 28 GermanClub Image 29
GermanClub Image 30 GermanClub Image 31
GermanClub Image 32

Past Activities

GermanClub Image 33 GermanClub Image 34
GermanClub Image 35 On Saturday, Nov.22, we went to a German restaurant in Hagerstown, the “Schmankerlstube”.

The restaurant is run by a “real” Bavarian and features authentic German cuisine (and beer, for those of you old enough for that). More information can be found at

Multilingual Soccer Tournament:

Thursday, Oct.16. It ended with a tie between the German-Spanish and the French-Spanish teams (8:8).

Trip to Washington DC for a concert of Max Raabe und das Palastorchester at the Lisner Auditorium on Oct.14.

GermanClub Image 36 GermanClub Image 37

The action is palpable in these shots taken by Dr. Grewling, adviser of the German Club!

Sat., Oct.18: Oktoberfest hosted by the German Club.