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It is now possible to get certified in German provided that another language major is also chosen. Students interested will have to pass the Praxis in German and take all the pertinent courses in Education.

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Fall 2014

Summer 2014

Spring 2014

Fall 2013


French Program Study Abroad Trip to France

Ship In France Blog 

The french Program led in May a study-abroad program that took students to Boulogne-St. Martin in the North of France and to Paris.  The students were offered 3 courses to choose from, with the possibility to garner 6 credits.  Dr. Mitaut, who organized the trip, offered the FRN 204 course on ideas and Cultures of the French speaking world.  Dr. Ragone taught the FRN 103 Intermediate French and FRN 300, the Advanced Conversation course.

During the first week, the students lived with French families, thanks to a partnership developed by Dr. Mitaut between the Saint-Joseph community college in Boulogne and Shippensburg University.  We are extremely thankful for the kindness of our hosts whose hospitality made of this stay a memorable experience.  Thank you as well to St. Jo for opening the doors to us and making us feel very welcome.

Studying very hard in Paris and at St. Jo

Students Gathering 0079

Students in groups 0084

Outdoor Study 0066

Visiting Boulogne

Students in front of building 0094

Students by wall 0101

Student touching Stingray

Students eating 0122

Meeting with the Deputy Mayor / Interview with the local radio station

Deputy Mayor in france

Fall 2014

4th Annual Modern Languages High School Contest

The 4th Annual Modern languages High School Contest took place on Saturday the 15th of November.  Eleven area high schools participated with 47 students who performed in 4 languages (Chinese, German, French and Spanish).  The three events, Jeopardy, peotry reciting and Karaoke, were a great success.  Some students opted as well to have an Oral Proficiency Interview, or OPI, with the Modern Languages professors.  Following the competition, the visitors went for a tour of campus, with Modern Languages students serving as ambassadors, and had luch at the Reisner dining hall, courtesy of the Dean of the Office of Admissions.  The Office of Human Understanding generously contributed as well to the contest.

After lunch, the contest winners were announced as well as the winner of the high point trophy which was Cumberland Valley High School this year.


hs contest 2014 pic1 hs contest 2014 pic2

hs contest 2014 pic3 hs contest 2014 pic4

Migrant Workers Education Program

The Modern Languages Department is hosting this fall tutoring sessions for students in the Migrant Workers Education Program.  Students in different disciplines at Shippensburg University come to the Modern Languages Department three times a week to tutor the students serviced by the Migrant Workers Education.   The tutoring is made possible through a grant written by Mr. Eric Mandell of the Lincoln Intermediary Unit and Ms. Brenda Reyes Lua of the Century 21 Program.  After their tutoring session, the students of the Migrant Workers Education Program have a meal at the Reisner dining hall, also covered by the grant.  Supervisors on campus are Drs. Ricardo and Ragone.

Migrant1 Migrant3

Migrant4 Migrant5


Immersion Afternoon

The Modern Languages Department held its annual Immersion Afternoon event on October 28th.  The classrooms of the department allowed for a whirlwind tour around the world.  This year, China, Saudi Arabia, Germany, France, Haiti, Spain and a variety of Latin American countries were represented through the efforts of students and guests who had prepared displays and brought artifacts for this occasion.  Dr. Ricardo led a spirited karaoke session and food from all the highlighted areas could be tasted.  All the professors of the department had contributed to make a organize a treasure hunt which was much appreciated by the visitors.

Immersion Afternoon1 Immersion Afternoon2

Immersion Afternoon3 Immersion Afternoon4

Immersion Afternoon5 Immersion Afternoon6

Immersion Afternoon7 Immersion Afternoon8

Immersion Afternoon9 Immersion Afternoon10


The Pennsylvania State Modern Languages Association (PSMLA) held it annual conference on October 16-18, 2014,in State College, PA. Dr. José Ricardo-Osorio chaired the conference. Faculty Dr. Jennifer Pomeroy and students Sarah Maravic and Wendy Valdivieso, and Emily Howell attended.


Visit of the Saint-Joseph school

Thanks to a formal agreement facilitated by Dr. Mitaut, the college of Saint-Joseph in Saint-Martin Boulogne in northern France has been a partner of the French Program at Shippensburg University since the spring 2014.  Although students of the college visited twice previously, this September 2014 visit was the first under the new agreement.

During their stay on our campus, the French students visited several classes and interacted in French and in English with our students.  The students of Drs. Mitaut and Ragone were particularly happy to meet them.  A special thanks to Drs. Birsch, Evitts and Zume who welcomed the French students in their classes.  The Saint-Joseph students truly appreciated being in your classes.

The stay in our area finished with a visit to D.C. after the students had had the opportunity to sample Reisner Hall and to have a pizza party where several Ship students entertained them with their musical talents.

In the News Fall 2014 classroom In the News Fall 2014 cafe

In the News Fall 2014 pizza In the News Fall 2014 White House

In the News Fall 2014 Washington Monument  In the News Fall 2014 Capital

Summer 2014

Field Studies in the People's Republic of China

A group of 14 Shippensburg University students spent 19 days (June 11-30) in China learning Chinese culture and language. Led by Dr. Jennifer Pomeroy at Modern Languages Dept. and Dr. George Pomeroy at Geography-Earth Science Department, the students enrolled in the course studied basic Chinese, calligraphy, Chinese painting, and Tai’chi at the long-term partner university campus – Eastern China Normal University (ECNU) in Shanghai. The group also travelled to Zhouzhuang for its most representative watertown landscape of southern China, famous West Lake in Hangzhou, the Terracotta Army in Xi’an, and Shijianzhuang.  The group also visited Great Wall, Forbidden City, Summer Palace in Beijing experiencing not only history but also the culture of modern Chinese society that is undergoing numerous changes. If anyone is interested in Study Abroad in China, please contact Jennifer Pomeroy at jypomeroy@ship.

China Study Abroad 250 pixel China Study abroad 2 250 pixel

Spring 2014

Fun with Chinese

Chinese was offered for the first time this academic year 2013-2014.  It was a great success.  The students enjoyed this new language added to our roster of offerings and, above all, enjoyed Dr. Pomeroy's enthusiasm and dedication.  Thank you for a great first year!  For a recap of the events, please follow the link and see the video below:


If interested in Chinese, please enroll soon as classes for the Fall 2014 are filling up quickly.  For any question, contact Dr. Pomeroy at JYPomeroy@ship.edu or the department secretary, Mrs. Janine Olah at JFOlah@ship.edu.

United in Verse

Hosted by Dr. Rob Lesman, Acting Chair, the Modern Languages Department held an evening of poetry on Thursday 17th of April.  The event, open to the public and free of charge, took place in the Cora L. Grove Spiritual Center Chapel, at 6:30 p.m.  Many joined us to experience the beauty of the world languages through the medium of poetry!

Members of the university community read or recited favorite poems or poems that they have themselves written.  A variety of languages was represented, including Arabic, French, German, Spanish, Thai, Chinese and Portuguese.

Poetry 1 Poetry 2

Poetry 3 Poetry 4

Poetry 5 Poetry 6

Three Professors Awarded Summer Grants

Undergraduate Vincent Rink and Dr. Jennifer Pomeroy have been awarded with a SURE grant. SURE stands for Summer Undergraduate Research Experience Grant and is  funded by the Provost's office. Vincent Rink will be assisting Dr. Pomeroy with the fieldwork of the research project in China from June 12 to June 20, 2014.

Dr. Moraña received an NEH (National Endowment for Humanities) grant for the 2014 summer. She will attend a seminar on Jewish people in Buenos Aires.  The seminar takes place in  Buenos Aires.

Dr. Wildermuth received as well a SURE grant and will continue his research with the help of undergraduate Matt Hoffman.  His research is titled "The Fate of the German Army's Verschollene (MIA's): a Case Study.  Matt will help Dr. Wildermuth with the classification of original documents.

Professor Recognized

Dr. Jennifer Pomeroy, Professor of Chinese was recognized as mentor by one of the scholar-athletes on campus.  She was honored at a luncheon on the 24th of February.  Congratulations!!

Mentor Invitation

Fall 2013

Second Professor gets ACTFL certification

Dr. Agnes Ragone, Professor of Spanish and French received this December her OPI or Oral Proficiency Interview certification granted by the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL).  She attended a workshop in Middlebury in the summer of 2013 and was fully certified by ACTFL after 18 months of rigorous training.  She joins Dr. Mitaut (see below) who was received her certification earlier in the year.


The Spanish Club held this November its annual fundraiser for the Chambersburg Hispanic American Center (CHAC).  The members of the club threw a challenge to the students of the department who had to chip in to have a professor of their choice "arrested".  Two professors garnered enough money for the "honor", Professor Lia Alexander and Dr. Agnes Ragone.

Professors Arrested 01  Professors Arrested 02

The money raised for the occasion allowed to purchase 32 turkeys and 5 cartons of canned goods.  Vince Rink, Vice-president of the club, brought the donation to CHAC with Dr. Ragone.  They were received by Mrs. Diana Martes, Director of the center, and her staff.

CHAC 01  CHAC 02

The Spanish Club would like to thank all those who contributed to the event: the students of the Modern Languages Department, Professor Alexander, Drs. Lesman, Mitaut, Ragone, Ricardo, Sandy-Bailey and Wildermuth (Renate and David).

3rd Annual High School Language Contest

The 3rd Annual High School Language Contest took place on November 16th.  Eight schools brought over 30 participants to compete in Jeopardy, Poetry Reciting and Karaoke.  The participants showed their expertise and talent in Chinese, German, French and Spanish.  In addition, a dozen of students' language skills were evaluated by the professors of the department with an Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI).

The school winning this year's High Point Trophy was Lancaster Day School.  Congratulations!!

Next contest will take place in the fall of 2014.

hs1 hs2

HS3 hs4

HS5 Hs6

3rd Annual High School Language Contest

The Modern Languages Department hosted its annual Immersion Afternoon on 10/22/13. The classrooms in Rowland became showcases for China, Germany, Latin America, France, French-speaking countries and Spain.  The students in the department had prepared exhibits highlighting many of the cultural traditions of these areas and all the professors participated in their respective languages.  A buffet also offered typical foods and visitors could sample specialties. 

Immersion1  Immersion2

Immersion3  Immersion4

Immersion5  Immersion6

Immersion7  Immersion8

Field Studies in the People's Republic of China - Summer 2014

The Modern Languages Department is happy to announce the Dr. Jennifer Pomeroy and Dr. George Pomeroy (Geography/Earth Science Department) will lead a Fields Studies trip in the People's Republic of China this summer.  The tentative dates are June 12 to July 1st.  The cost of the trip is $3900 and includes air and ground transportation, meals, accommodations and program expenses. Participants will have the opportunity to visit Shanghai, Beijing, Hangzhou, Xian and Shijazhuang.  For more details, download the brochure below.

China 2014 - International Brochure

Chinese at Shippensburg:

Dr. PomeroyThis Fall 2013, the Modern Languages Department is offering a new language, Chinese.  The instructor of record is Dr. Jennifer Pomeroy.  A native Chinese, Dr. Pomeroy hails from Xinjiang Autonomous Region, P.R. China.  She has lived in the United States since 1995 and has been associated with Shippensburg University since 2002.  Dr. Pomeroy is also an adjunct in the Geography/Earth Science Department and has led study-abroad programs in China in 2005, 2008 and 2010.  In the spring 2013, she was rated as "Superior" on the American Council for the Teaching of Foreign Language (ACTFL) scale, the highest ranking, both for her OPI (oral proficiency) and her WPT (written proficiency).

Welcome to the Modern Languages Department!

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