Beginning Fall 2013, students wishing to participate in any ensemble, will register during their registration time.
Whether there are auditions or not, students will now register for the ensemble in the prior semester or summer.

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Music Minor

The Music Minor Program is an 18 credit program that endeavors to develop and cultivate the musical culture of Shippensburg University. The program serves the university community by generating and fostering ideas and abilities enriching the local musical culture, while nurturing amateur musicians pursuing musical studies for life enrichment.

To enter the Music Minor program, students must first complete MUS121 (Introduction to Music).  MUS121 fulfills the University General Education, Category B requirement.  Students then fulfill 18 additional credits of music courses.

Required Courses (9 crs.)

  • MUS212 Music Theory I – 3 crs.
  • MUS312 Music Theory II – 3 crs.
  • 1 Performance Course – 3 crs.
  • MUS140 Class Piano I
  • MUS150 Basic Guitar
  • MUS260 Voice Class
  • MUS270 Brass Instrument Class
  • MUS273 Woodwind Instrument Class
  • MUS340 Class Piano II
  • MUS360 Voice Class II
  • MUS380 Basic Conducting

Elective Courses (9 crs.)

chosen in your area of interest in consultation with the Department Chair:

  • Performance Courses (3 crs.) as listed above
  • Literature and Musicianship (3 crs.)
  • MUS110 Fundamental Music Skills
  • MUS222 Music of the Renaissance & Baroque Eras
  • MUS224 Music of the Classic & Romantic Eras
  • MUS226 Twentieth Century Music
  • MUS227 Opera & Music Theatre
  • MUS261 World Music
  • MUS315 Music in the United States
  • MUS330 Women in Music
  • Performing Ensembles (1 cr.)
  • Brass Ensemble
  • Concert Band
  • Concert Choir
  • Cumbelaires
  • Jazz Ensemble
  • Madrigals
  • Red Raider Marching Band
  • University-Community Orchestra
  • Woodwind Ensemble