Senior starts term on Council of Trustees

A schedule full of classes, internships, and clubs is enough to make any college student’s life busy, and Trane Overton just made her senior year that much busier.

overtonIn addition to her classes, internship and clubs, she was recently approved as the student trustee on the Shippensburg University Council of Trustees. Overton, who has the same responsibilities and duties as the other trustees, will act as a voice for the students and participate in decision-making for the university.

“I’m a liaison between the student body and the Council of Trustees,” she said. “I take what the students want, and what’s actually doable, and it works out really well. I have a say, a vote, and an opinion.”

After encouragement from her advisor, Stephanie Jirard, associate professor of criminal justice, Overton applied for the position and went through an extensive series of interviews. Only one student is selected to serve on the council and serves as long as they are a student at the university.

“My advisor thought I would be good at it, so I applied, went through a bunch of interviews, and they accepted me. I was really surprised. I don’t think I really grasp it yet, how great of an opportunity I have,” she said.

Originally from Philadelphia and a graduate of Bodine High School for International Affairs, Overton majors in criminal justice. In addition to her role as student trustee, she also has a seat on the Student Senate, is president of Sigma Lambda Gamma National Sorority and is a member of the Multicultural Student Association. Overton also has an internship in the Cumberland County District Attorney’s office assisting the staff in various areas.

Overton believes her seat on the Student Senate is also very advantageous. “Not only do I get to hear what’s going on with the university and the student body, but I get to understand what’s going on with the executives. It helps with the student body because you get to hear both sides. It’s really hectic, but I love it.”

Her trustee post has already influenced her future. After receiving advice from a fellow trustee, Overton changed her initial post-graduation plan. She now hopes to attend law school and follow her dreams of becoming a lawyer, a judge, or a warden of a federal prison.