University to host Chinese visitors

Shippensburg University this week will host three representatives from East China Normal University to help facilitate an exchange partnership.

Huang Meixu, director of the international exchange division; Wang Gang, assistant director and coordinator of short term study programs, and Sun Qi, liaison officer for American and European exchanges, will arrive in Shippensburg Oct. 19. The visit is part of their tour of universities in the United States at which they have existing partnerships or prospective partnerships. They will also visit the University of Delaware and West Virginia University.

Although Shippensburg does not have a formal agreement with the Shanghai university, there is a casual relationship. Shippensburg students and faculty have visited ECNU three of the past five years and, in return, ECNU faculty have given numerous lectures for those visiting Shippensburg students and faculty focusing on art, painting, Tai-Chi and calligraphy.

The representatives will have a busy schedule during their two-day stay in Shippensburg. Along with meeting numerous faculty members and students, the visitors will also attend a reception and dinner, as well as tour the local area.

Dr. George Pomeroy, interim executive director of the Institute for Public Service, is hopeful that this stay will encourage a more lasting partnership between Shippensburg and East China Normal University. “We have always had a good exchange of ideas with them. Maybe this will be a way to take it to the next step and broaden our relationship,” he said.

According to Pomeroy, ECNU is perfect for a partnership with Shippensburg. Aside from their capacity to educate large amounts of students, ECNU sets a goal of sending 20 percent of their 30,000 students abroad a year.

“Given where they’re at, they’re ideal for an exchange with us. They are right smack in the heart of Shanghai, they’re a large university with developed programs, and they’re equipped and focused.”