University employee accomplishments 10.9.12

Following is a list of presentations, awards, honors and other achievements by or to Shippensburg University faculty and staff. If you need further information, please send an e-mail to

  • Dr. Kwabena Akurang-Parry, professor of history, had four articles accepted for publication. They are: “Freed Slave Children, Apprenticeship Policy, and African Responses in Colonial Ghana, ca.1890-ca.1930,” in Power of Doubt; Slavery and Abolition in Ghana: Modes of Emancipation and African Initiatives” in Akan Studies in Africa and the Diaspora; and “Change and Continuity in Beliefs of Sacredness: Further Perspectives on Mamfe-Akuapem Sacred Forest in Ghana” in Essays in Honor of Toyin Falola; and the article he co-authored with Dr. Catherine Clay, associate professor of history, “Postcolonial Wars in Africa: A Case Study of the 1994 Small War in Northern Ghana and its Effects on Women,” in African Politics in Transition. He served as an external examiner for a doctoral dissertation from New York University and a master’s dissertation from the University of Johannesburg (South Africa). He was a reviewer for African Economic History; History in Africa; and Context: Journal of Social & Cultural Studies. He is also leading a team of international scholars from Peking University, China; Catholic University of East Africa, Kenya; and the University of Cape Coast, Ghana, to organize an international conference on Africa-China relations at the University of Cape Coast in June 2013.
  • Dr. Wendy S. Becker, associate professor of management, had her paper “Socially responsible and sustainable supply chains” accepted for publication in Greening Organizations: Driving Change with Industrial-Organizational Psychology.
  • Dr. John E. Benhart, professor emeritus and former chair of the geography-earth science department, had his co-authored chapter “Ave Maria: A Planned Town in Collier County, Florida” published in the book Facets of Social Geography.
  • Dr. Kelly M. Carrero, assistant professor of special education, co-authored and will present “Reliability Generalization: Examining Reliability Estimates of the Organizational Commitment Questionnaire” at the 2012 American Evaluation Association Annual Conference in Minneapolis Oct. 27.
  • Dr. Andy Dunlap, assistant professor of social work and gerontology, has his paper “Differences in coming out milestones for same-sex attracted men and women” accepted for the 2013 Annual Conference of the Society for Social Work and Research in San Diego in January.
  • Dr. Marita Flagler, associate professor of social work and gerontology, will present her paper “Unlocking Community Resources through an Innovative Partnership Triangle: the Case of Cumberland and Perry Respite in Rural Pennsylvania, USA” at the 8th International Respite Care Conference in Toronto in October.
  • Dr. Peter M. Gigliotti, executive director for university communications and marketing, was an invited presenter at the 2012 PASSHE Collegiate Media Summit at Bloomsburg University Sept. 22. He was moderator for the panel discussion “The Collegiate Media’s Role in Crisis Communications” and was a member of the panel on “Crossing Over to the Dark Side: Making the Transition from Journalist to Media Relations.”
  • Dr. James Griffith, associate professor of psychology, was lead author on a series of six articles recently published or accepted for publication on characteristics associated with pornography actresses and actors. Two qualitative-based articles that examined why individuals entered the pornography industry included “Why become a pornography actress?” in the International Journal of Sexual Health, and “Pornography actors: A qualitative analysis of motivations and dislikes” in the North American Journal of Psychology. Two studies that compared a matched sample to the pornography actresses and actors included “Pornography actresses: An assessment of the damaged goods hypothesis” in the Journal of Sex Research and “A comparison of sexual behaviors and attitudes, self-esteem, quality of life, and drug use among pornography actors and a matched sample” in the International Journal of Sexual Health. One study compared actual behaviors of porn actresses to college student perceptions, “Pornography film actors: Self-report vs. perceptions of college students” in the Archives of Sexual Behavior. Another study examined differences between heterosexual and bisexual pornography actresses, “Sexual behaviors and attitudes, quality of life, and drug use: A comparison between bisexual and heterosexual pornography actresses” in the Journal of Bisexuality.
  • Dr. Robert L. Hale, professor and chair of the psychology department, served recently as an invited reviewer of the Sage Publishing Company’s new psychology textbook Research Methods for the Behavioral Sciences.
  • Dr. Xin-An (Lucian) Lu, associate professor of human communication studies, recently had his book The DAST theory of communication: The (inter)dynamics of desire, affinity, space, and time in different contexts of communication published. This work derives from his long-time dissatisfaction with numerous prominent communication theories that fall short of the complex reality of real-life communication and applies his DAST theory to communication phenomena in various contexts.
  • Dr. Freddy Siahaan, assistant professor of economics, was an invited member of the National Science Foundation’s Transforming Undergraduate Education in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (NSF-TUES) program review panel. Siahaan recently presented the paper he co-authored with Dr. Brendan P. Finucane, professor and chair of the economics department. The paper, “Research and Analysis: A Public Liberal Arts Institution Experience,” was presented at the 2012 Annual American Economic Association’s Conference on Teaching and Research in Economic Education in Boston.