Faculty accomplishments 11.27.12

Following is a list of presentations, awards, honors and other achievements by or to Shippensburg University faculty. If you need further information, please send an e-mail to SUnews@ship.edu.

  • Dr. Hamid Bastin, professor of economics, and Dr. David E. Kalist, associate professor of economics, had their paper “The Labor Market Returns to AACSB Accreditation” accepted for publication in the Journal of Labor Research.
  • Dr. Kelly M. Carrero, assistant profes­sor of special education, had her co-authored manuscript “Ensuring successful outcomes for students from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds” published in the November issue of Preventing School Failure.
  • Dr. Kent Chrisman and Dr. Annie Papero of the early childhood program recently participated in the one-day workshop in Atlanta for writers of the NAEYC SPA report that is submitted as part of the NCATE accreditation application for Teacher Education. Chrisman was also appointed as an editor to revise the National Association of Early Childhood Teacher Educators position statement on the specialized certification of early childhood candidates. He is also serving a second term as the president of the Pennsylvania Asso­ciation of Early Childhood Teacher Educators.
  • Dr. Barbara Jones Denison, associate professor of sociology, presented the paper she co-authored with ODL graduate student Dane Lauber on “Student Soldiers on Campus– Lead­ership, College Tuition, or Both?” at the annual meeting of the Pennsylvania Sociological Society Oct. 13 at Penn State Schuylkill.
  • Dr. Susan Rimby, interim associate dean of the College or Arts and Sciences, presented the keynote lecture “Mira Lloyd Dock and the Progressive Era Conservation Movement” at The Midtown Scholars Bookstore in Harrisburg’s third annual book fair Nov. 10.
  • Dr. Cheryl A. Slattery, associate professor of teacher education, recently began her work for the 11th consecutive year on the Ready, Set, Go! program with the Drew Michael Taylor Founda­tion, in coordination with the Shippensburg Area School District. This free community event, held twice each year, embraces the opportunity for university undergraduate students enrolled in the Teacher Education program to connect with children, parents, and other professionals in the community through this early literacy program to serve children and parents in the Shippensburg area at large. She also presented 12 education mini-grant awards at the Shippensburg Area School District School Board meeting in her role as chair for the Education Mini-Grants Program Selection Committee. She also serves as chair­person and secretary for the Shippensburg Area School District Foundation Board of Trustees.
  • Dr. Praveen Veerabhadrappa, assistant pro­fessor in exercise science, recently participated in the 24th International Society of Hypertension (ISH) Conference on Sydney, Australia to pres­ent his research “Long-Term Diet and Exercise Intervention Reduces CRP Levels in Sedentary African-American Adults” and “Six-Months of Lifestyle Intervention Improves Flow Medi­ated Dilation in Sedentary African-American Subjects.” He also presented “Six Months of Lifestyle Intervention Reduces Carotid Intima-media Thickness in African-American Adults” at the High Blood Pressure Research Council of the American Heart Association (AHA) Confer­ence in Washington D.C., in October. He actively contributes to the New Investigators Committee of ISH as a founding member, and to the Trainee Advocacy Committee of the AHA. His editorial “Slowing chronic kidney disease progression: Should we be looking beyond mean blood pres­sure?’ was recently published in Hypertension Research Journal.
  • Dr. Ying Yang, assistant professor of sociol­ogy, presented the paper co-authored with Dr. Dina Banerjee, assistant professor of sociology, “Women’s Autonomy in the U.S. Labor Market” at the annual meeting of the Pennsylvania Socio­logical Society Oct. 13 at Penn State Schuylkill.
  • Dr. Cheryl Zaccagnini, associate profes­sor of special education, and students Anastasia Beboga, Brittney Newman, and Ashley Park presented “Using Higher Education Volunteer Programs for Secondary and Post-Secondary Individuals with Disabilities from the Communi­ty-People Involved Equally (P.I.E.) Nov. 9 at the Pennsylvania Council for Exceptional Children. At that conference she also presented “Using Proactive Classroom and Behavior Management for Students with E/BD in ES and Inclusive Classrooms.” She also presented a poster on re­search from Chambersburg Area School District on “Perceptions of Skills Needed by Secondary Education Students for Inclusion of Students with Emotional/Behavior Disorders” with graduate researcher Heather Hoffert. That poster was presented at the PASSHE graduate research presentations at the Dixon Center and in June at the 24th Annual Ethnographic and Qualitative Research Conference at Cedarville University in Ohio. She also presented “Using Proactive Approaches and School Wide Positive Behavior Support” at the International Conference for Children with Behavior Disorders in New Or­leans. She also attended workshops, sessions, and presented “Behavior and Classroom Management for Students with Emotional/Behavior Disorders” Oct. 2 at the Behavior Institute for Children and Adolescents (BICA) in Minneapolis.
  • Dr. Joseph Zume, associate professor of geography and earth science, co-presented the poster done with student Kameelah Temple, “Exploring the Connections between Land-use/Land cover (LULC) Change and Storm Response in the Middle and Lower Susquehanna River Basin” at the Pennsylvania Geographical Society meeting in Salisbury, Md., Nov. 2 and 3. Zume also co-presented the poster done with student Megan Kelsall, “Analyzing nutrient load and stream discharge time series of three major rivers draining into the Chesapeake Bay” at the Middle States conference of the Association of American Geographers on campus Nov. 2 and 3.
  • Several mathematics department faculty mem­bers presented their research at the Pennsylvania Council of Teachers of Mathematics conference with their undergraduate research students. Dr. Dave Kennedy, associate professor, presented “Mental Math Mayhem” with Jeremy Eastman and Lynne Dettra; Dr. Ben Galluzzo, assistant professor, presented “Math: A Service Learning Experience For All” with Grant Innerst; Dr. Deb­bie Gochenaur, assistant professor, presented “Bridging the Gap: High Impact Techniques for Students with Asperger’s” with Andrew Geesa­man; and Dr. Mike Long, assistant professor, presented “Tactile Learning: Math Fun for All and Modeling the Common Core at an Uncom­mon Place: Amusement Parks” with Innerst.
  • Two faculty members will have executive positions for the Pennsylvania Council for Ex­ceptional Children (PACED). Dr. Christopher Schwilk is president-elect and Dr. Cheryl Zac­cagnini is vice president-elect.
  • Three mathematics department professors made presentations at the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Regional Meeting in Hartford, Conn., in October. The presentations were: “Mathematics Homework for the 21st Cen­tury” by Dr. Tom Evitts, “Save Money: Simulate the Lottery” by Dr. Dave Kennedy, and “Math Models with Many Spokes” by Dr. Mike Long.
Drs. W.A. Braun, Joohee Sanders, and Ben Meyer of the exercise science department, and a number of undergraduate students presented three posters and seven oral research presenta­tions at the Mid-Atlantic Regional Chapter of the American College of Sports Medicine Annual Conference in Harrisburg on Nov. 2. Following are those presentations:
  • “Can Standing Long Jump Distance be Predicted from Between-the-Legs Front Throw Distance?” by Allie Flott, co-investigators Katie Slonaker, Katrina Spratford, and Meyer.
  • “Can Standing Long Jump Distance be Pre­dicted from Standing Vertical Jump Distance?” by Lauren Merk, co-investigators Chelsey Mi­chael and Meyer.
  • “Can Between-the-Legs Front Throw Dis­tance be Predicted from Overhead Back Throw Distance?” by Chris Nelson, co-investigators Heather Weiss, Lauren Taylor, and Meyer.
  • “Effects of Eccentric Muscle Work on Acute and Delayed Torque and Force Generation” by Justin Guy, co-investigator Braun.
  • “The Effects of Foam Rolling and Static Stretching on Flexibility and Acute Muscle Sore­ness” by Evelyn Howe, co-investigators April Lininger, Lauren Schlegel, Amanda Harwell, Paulson, Braun, and Sanders.
  • “The Influence of Exercise Intensity on Post-Exercise Appetite Response” by Tessa Gilson, co-investigators Christa Pamperien, Marley Parmer, Jenna Clugh, Michael Allen, Paulson, and Braun.
  • “The Psychological and Physiological Effects of Music on Athletic Performance” by Brian Malloy, co-investigators Corey Baughman, Ryan Maize, Paulson, Zientek, and Braun.
  • “The Acute Effects of L-Arginine on Recov­ery and Resistance Exercise” by Albert Garcia, co-investigators Jon Hlasney, James Frost, Braun, and Sanders.
  • “Effects of Creatine Monohydrate vs. Creatine Hydrochloride on Muscle Endurance Perfor­mance” by Kyle Naylor, co-investigators Cory Albright, Chris Liggitt, Aaron Kolenc, Robinson, Braun, and Sanders.
  • “The Effects of Caffeine on Anaerobic Performance” by Erin Varley, co-investigators Andrea DeAntonio, Jackie Wineholt, Amanda Digirolomo, and Sanders.