Employees honored for contributions, years of service

Shippensburg University recently honored employees for their achievements and years of service, including presentation of the Employee Recognition Award.

The Employee Recognition Award is given for innovative ideas, problem solving, team effort, customer service, and community/volunteer service. Seventeen nominations involving 26 employees were reviewed. Recipients were Gregg Naylor, Dennis Robinson, and Shirley Smith.

naylorNaylor, an equipment operator, demonstrated exceptional customer service during the PASSHE Emerging and Innovative Teaching, Learning and Assessment Practices to Ensure Student Success conference at the university. Gregg not only provided directions to the CUB but gave participants a ride to the event because of the heavy rain. His action gave a positive impression of the institution.

robinsonRobinson, coordinator of off-campus programs from the Office of Professional, Continuing & Distance Education Studies, is recognized for his innovative idea. He designed and implemented the Capital Area Consortium of Higher Education which provides ongoing leadership and guidance to the workforces in the Harrisburg area and was involved in founding of the Hanover Area Young Professionals group. Both initiates provide recruiting avenues for the university’s graduate programs.

smithSmith, administrative assistant for the Office of the Vice President for Information Technology & Services, was an instrumental lead in the development, customization, implementation, and transition to the new graduate assistantship hiring and tracking system which provides the most user friendly process for the students, faculty, staff, and administrator. She worked closely with the IT department and vendors throughout the process to ensure the project remained on task.

Employees honored upon retirement or for their years of service are:

Retirees: Dorothy Adams, John Cookus, Terry DiDomenico, Marian Schultz, and Caroline Weaver

40 years: Sally Markee

30 years: Terry Conyers, Rhonda Eckenrode, Diane Kalathas, Rick Ruth, and Rodger Yohe

25 years: Donna Ackelsberg, Jeannette Chamberlain, Sharon Chamberlin, Molly Clippinger, Thomas Graham III, Joyce Harding, Donna Jones, Donna Loy, Janet McKeithan-Janifer, Darrell Miller, Penny Myers, Justin Strickler, William Varner, Jr., Diane Wenger, David Wozniak, and Charles Yocum Jr.

20 years: Barb Baker, Stephanie Berger, Sandy Clough, Elsie Curtis, Melinda Fawks, Deborah Lee, Robin Maun, Barry McClanahan, Linda Miller, Dottie Mitchell, Cindy Newell, Connie Newell, Sandy Rauber, Sherry Runshaw, Yvonne Shoop, and Daniel Stine

15 years: J. Lance Bryson, Gregory Day, Dana Denlinger, Sherry Dinsmore, ChristiJo Ezell, Cynthia Geyer, Ricky Group, Susan Harris, Sharon Liberator, Deborah Martin, Adrienne Miller, Donna Reasner, Jack Rentzel, Lawrence Rhinehart, Kim Walk, and Timothy Wingert

10 years: Ralph Alleman, Joanne Bard, Judy Bard, Susan Blackburn, Heather Bradnick, Michael Brennan, Jeffrey Callan, Jason Fritz, Tonya Group, Mona Holtry, Charles Kunkleman, Mira Mattern, Linda Miller, Matt Mosley, Lonnie Shaffer, Dyanna Stevens, Barbara Summers, Barbara Swan, Patrick Taylor, Michael Unruh, Garry Wall, Cindy Wilson, Roy Wiser, Robert Witter, and Michelle Wright


Retirees: Caroline Weaver, Dorothy Adams


30 Years: Rick Ruth, Diane Kalathas, Rodger Yohe


25 Years: Sharon Chamberlain, Joyce Harding, Donna Loy, Diane Wenger


20 Years: Barb Baker, Robin Maun, Dottie Mitchell, Sandy Rauber


15 Years: Dana Denlinger, Debbie Martin, Greg Day, Lance Bryson, Donna Reasner, Susan Harris, Jack Rentzel, Cynthia Geyer


10 Years: Tonya Group, Cindy Wilson, Mona Holtry, Judy Bard, Garry Wall, Joanne Bard, Dyanna Stevens, Lonnie Shaffer, Matt Mosley, Linda Miller, Roy Wiser