Students awarded grant to present at national conference

Three Shippensburg University students have been awarded a Collegiate Middle Level Association (CMLA) grant from the Association for Middle Level Education (AMLE).

Middle level education majors Merissa Scarr, Amanda Cloran and Missy Weisser will travel to Minneapolis this month to present on high-risk behaviors among young adolescents at the annual CMLA conference. 

“This is the premier conference for middle level education professionals with as many as 12,000 professionals attending from all states and at least a dozen countries,” said Dr. Robert Ziegenfuss, assistant professor of teacher education and president of the National Association of Professors of Middle Level Education.

“To have this opportunity to go is amazing, but to be awarded this grant means even more,” said Weisser. “I’m so proud of us to think that our proposal was picked over all of the other colleges in the country that applied.”

According to Cloran, “The knowledge gained through researching and preparing for this presentation will help me develop into a teacher who is well prepared to handle the different types of adolescent student behaviors.”

The students are members of the university’s CMLA chapter, which is an affiliate of AMLE. AMLE is an international professional education association focused on promoting middle education for young adolescents. Scarr is the vice president, Cloran is the secretary and Weisser is the treasurer of CMLA.

“I am so glad to be working with Merissa and Amanda because they are great role models for what an education student should be,” said Weisser. “We want to make sure that we put our best into preparing for this presentation as a way to say thanks to AMLE for giving us this opportunity.”

According to Ziegenfuss, “It is wonderful to have them recognized for the efforts and time put forth in making this an active engaging organization. We truly believe this is recognition for the hard work done by our membership and are excited to have three of our officers represent us at the national convention.”