University honors employees for contributions, years of service

Shippensburg University recently honored employees for their achievements and years of service, including presentation of the Employee Recognition Award.

The Employee Recognition Award is given for innovative ideas, problem solving, team effort, customer service, and community/volunteer service. Nineteen individuals were nominated this year. The recipients are Paula Madey, Penny Stum and Robert Smith.

Madey received the award for problem solving and customer service. She earned the award as she is instrumental in offering greatly sought-after disability service programs in higher education which serves more than 500 students with a positive impact and relates to overall student retention at the university.

Stum received the award for customer service. She earned the award for the customer service she consistently offers and her meritorious contributions to the department. Her outstanding service reflects positively on the university and the College of Education and Human Services, and significantly contributes to the efficient and proficient operations of the department.

Smith received the award for his tireless work to obtain, care for, and display university historical artifacts during the Homecoming festivities and Alumni Days. His actions, which have received overwhelmingly positive responses, especially from alumni, give a positive impression and reflect in pride of the institution.

Other nominees were Heather Bradnick, Michael Brennan Jr., Julie Clark, Eric Dinsmore, Karen Gensler, Jon Groft, Patty Hooper, Melinda Kasper, Kimberly Kell, Susan Lee, Janine Olah, Tammy Owen, Janice Reed, Rachel Richards, Bryan Ruth and Bill Varner.

Employees honored upon retirement or for their years of service were:

  • Retirees: Helga Beckenbaugh, Joyce Bright, Harry Carroll, Kathy Coy, Richard Foster, Gloria Gardner, Susan German, John Herb, Pamela King, Robert Lutz, Donna Rosenberry and Hipolito Torres.
  • 40 years: A. Rebecca Fulton and Douglas Nichols.
  • 35 years: Jill Bard, Cindy Emondi and Pamela McLaughlin.
  • 30 years: Michael Bonafair, John Clinton, Karen Kelley, Robert Martin and Dennis Mathes.
  • 25 years: Marlene Benedict, Patricia Coldsmith, Tony Emondi, Peter
  • Gigliotti, Connie Gruver, Cindy Hosfelt, Lanette Hutchison, Kathleen Jengeleski, Sueann Johnson, Ruth Kuhn, Wanda Meals, Chrystal Miracle, Loni Myers, Thomas Myers, Shirley Smith, Dennis Starliper, Deanna Statler, Karen Thomas and Gregg Thuemmel.
  • 20 years: Leslie Folmer-Clinton, Wayne Hershey, Jr., Lisa Laughlin, Teresa Lehman, Curtis Miller, Shirley Mooney, Thomas Provins, Tracy Schoolcraft-Eichelberger, Delores Smith and James Yohe.
  • 15 years: Steven Allen, Joe Amsler, Julie Byers, Michael Craig, Teresa Crider, John Gaughan, Nora Dena Gehres, Patricia Goshorn, Richard Horst, Belinda Johnson, Rebecca Lehman, Paula Madey, Arthur Martin, Patsy Martin, Christy Nailor, Judy Newell, William Smith, Teresa Strayer and Robert Wenerd.
  • 10 years: Steven Bucher, Darrell Claiborne, Heidi Clark, Denise Davidson, Scott Donald, James Epley, Andrew Fasnacht, Cytha Grissom, Randy Hammond, Bonnie Heming, Jeanie Henry, Chester Jumper, Scott Lux, Jacqueline McCleary, Stephanie McCullough, Vivian Riley, Kathleen Rundquist, Trudy Smith and Cathy Sprenger.


Interim President Jody Harpster presents the award to Paula Madey.


Interim President Jody Harpster presents the award to Robert Smith.


Retirees, from left: Pamela King, Susan German and Donna Rosenberry.


Interim President Jody Harpster presents an award to Doug Nichols.


35 years of service: Pamela McLaughlin and Cindy Emondi.


30 years of service: Michael Bonafair and John Clinton.


25 years of service, front row, from left: Connie Gruver, Peter Gigliotti, Patricia Coldsmith, Wanda Meals, Deanna Statler, Lanette Hutchison, and Marlene Benedict. Back row, from left: Gregg Thuemmel, Chrystal Miracle, Sueann Johnson, Ruth Kuhn, Shirley Smith, Thomas Myers and Tony Emondi.


20 years of service, from left: President Harpster, Lisa Laughlin, Leslie Folmer-Clinton, Shirley Mooney, Delores Smith and James Yohe.


15 years of service, front row, from left: President Harpster, Patsy Martin, Paula Madey, Nora Dena Gehres, Teresa Crider, and Bill Smith. Back row, from left: Christy Nailor, Rebecca Lehman, John Gaughan, Steven Allen and Teresa Strayer.


10 years of service, front row, from left: President Harpster, Cytha Grissom, James Epley, Jacqueline McCleary, and Heidi Clark. Back row, from left: Scott Lux, Steven Bucher, Jeanie Henry, Randy Hammond and Bonnie Heming.