From left are Alice played by Rose Leitner, the Mad Hatter played by Tyler Schwind and the White Rabbit played by Frank Irvin.

Wonderland to headline Little Princess Playhouse spring playbill

The Little Princess Playhouse at Shippensburg University will present a special double feature presentation highlighted by a performance of Alice in Wonderland.

The playhouse, sponsored by the Department of Music and Theatre Arts, will present Alice in Wonderland with Beauty and the Beast. The double feature will be presented at 10 a.m. and 11:30 a.m. on April 26 and May 3. The performances are in Stewart Hall, recognized by its castle-like exterior presenting a perfect location for children’s theatre. 

Both stories focus on developing friendships, sometimes between the most unlikely of characters. The shows are the final project for the Creating Children’s Theatre class. Many of the university students featured are education majors. “We love interacting with the children. We are so close to the audience that the kids can touch us,” said Josh Ebright, “It’s really a classroom in the shape of a theatre. They learn to listen, think, respond and react. That’s what will happen in our classrooms someday."  

According to Sarah Stone, “I am majoring in early education. The thing that most excites me about this project is that we give children reason to embrace their racing imaginations.” 

Miranda Wallace agrees. “As a future teacher, I can’t wait to make the stories I used to read come alive for children,” she laughs, “plus, I am also conquering my nerves,” she said.

Seth Wood also agrees. “Theatre can change a child’s life, just as it has changed mine,” he said.

What does it feels like to play such crazy characters? Sophomore Lauryn King, who plays a talking doorknob, said “It is all in fun for the children.” According to Brad Lytle, “When a child has a genuine laugh, it fills all of us with joy.” 

Junior Taber Timmons sums up the mission of the playhouse: “It allows us to grow self-confidence and ignite our creativity through wholesome entertainment, while welcoming children and families to our university home. It’s a win-win for everyone.”

Tickets for the double feature are $4 and will be available at the door. Seating is limited. Parking is free and available in the nearby Memorial Auditorium lot. For more information, call 477-1638.