Accomplishments by SU faculty, others 5.6.14

Following is a list of presentations, awards, honors and other achievements by or to Shippensburg University faculty or other members of the campus community.

  • Drs. David Bateman, Kelly M. Carrero, and Calli G. Lewis from the educational leadership and special education department presented their paper, “Preventing Litigation When Working with Students with Emo­tional and Behavioral Disorders” at the Council for Exceptional Children Annual Convention in Philadelphia April 9 to 12.
  • Dr. Kelly M. Carrero, assistant professor of special education, was awarded the International Conference on College Teaching and Learning Distinguished New Faculty Award at a conference in Ponte Verda Beach, Fla., in March. She also presented her co-authored paper, “Co-Teaching in Higher Education Teacher Prepara­tion Programs: Breaking with Tradi­tion?”
  • Dr. Ian M. Langella, professor of supply chain management, re­cently finished reviewing an article on production planning for the peer-reviewed journal Computers and Industrial Engineering.
  • Dr. Luis Melara, associate profes­sor of mathematics, and undergradu­ate Maria Markovich participated in the 2014 Regional Undergraduate Mathematics Research Conference April 12 at Towson University. Mar­kovich gave the presentation “Model­ing the Cellular Dynamics of Multiple Sclerosis” which she conducted with Melara. This was funded by the Shippensburg University Undergradu­ate Research Program.
  • Dr. Ana Moraña, director of eth­nic studies and associate professor of Spanish and ethnic studies received approval to participate in two sum­mer seminars organized by the NEH (National Endowment for Humani­ties) this summer. One seminar is on World War I and the Arts and is in Cincinnati and the other one is on “Jewish in Buenos Aires” and will take place in Buenos Aires. She will attend the one in Buenos Aires.
  • Dr. Randall A. Pellow, profes­sor emeritus of teacher education, was featured in the April, issue of PENNlines in “Writing History for the inquisitive student.” Much of the information for the article was based on the newly published book Explor­ing Pennsylvania: Our Geography, History, Economy, and Government for which Pellow is the senior author. In addition he authored the Student Activity Book and the Teacher’s Resource Binder. Because Pellow wrote a descriptive section for fourth-graders about the heroes of Flight 93 in Somerset County, he was invited by the U.S. Navy to the March com­missioning of the USS Somerset in Philadelphia.
  • Dr. Matthew C. Ramsey, assistant professor of human communication studies, presented his research article “Explicating Communicative Func­tions of Humor: The Development and Assessment of New Functions of Humor Scales” at the 84th an­nual meeting of the Southern States Communication Association in New Orleans.
  • Dr. Vera Blinn Reber, professor of history emeritus, was notified that her essay, “Buenos Aires Confronts Tuberculosis: Public Health, Physi­cians and Patients in a Global Context, 1870-1920,” received the James Street Prize for the best article published by a Middle Atlantic Council of Latin American Studies member in an issue of Latin American Essays.
  • Various members of the social work and gerontology department recently gave presentations. Dr. Jennifer Clements was a keynote speaker at the Long Island, N.Y., chapter of the International Asso­ciation for Social Work with Groups annual program where she presented “Lessons learned on the bus: Effec­tive activity based group work.” Dr. Liz Fisher presented “I Get Tired of Being Judged” Learning from Women We Serve” at the annual Baccalaure­ate Social Work Program Directors Conference in Louisville in March. Dr. Marita Flagler presented the paper “Involving Social Work Stu­dents for Sustainability through a Research Course Activity” at the An­nual Conference of the Association of Baccalaureate Social Work Programs. Dr. Michael Lyman and Flagler presented the paper “Research Club: Changing the Perception of Research Among BSW Students” at the An­nual Conference of the Association of Baccalaureate Social Work Programs. Flagler conducted four webinars in February and March as part of a blended training workshop on how to collect data from people with intel­lectual and developmental disabili­ties through face-to-face interviews. Participants were primarily staff from agencies that work with individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities in Central Pennsylvania. Flagler prepared new national stan­dards of services for people with disabilities that were approved in March by the Administrative Council of the Ministry of Social Welfare and Youth of the government of Albania. Her work was funded by a grant of the Delegation of the European Union in Albania.