From left, Katie, Tiffany and Lindsay Doughty.

Commencement special three times for one family

The undergraduate commencement ceremony at Shippensburg University Saturday will be special three times over for the Doughty family.

Triplets Tiffany, Lindsay and Katie Doughty will each earn a degree this weekend during the university’s annual Spring Commencement program. The Lancaster natives are the only set of triplets enrolled at Shippensburg.

All three sisters will graduate from the College of Education and Human Services. Tiffany and Katie are PreK-4 education majors while Lindsay majors in social work.

“Overall, these past four years have been a blessing,” said Katie. “The education department has allowed me to grow both personally and professionally in addition to the wonderful experiences and opportunities to get involved both on campus and in the community.”

When the triplets moved into Kieffer Hall in August 2010, they weren’t sure how they would adjust to college life and what types of experiences were ahead of them.

According to Lindsay, “As a freshman, I didn’t know what was ahead of me. I was not sure about the classes I was going to take, the relationships I was going to form and the experiences I was going to have, but I was certain that my time at Shippensburg would be a great experience. And it was.”

After settling in and adjusting to college life, the triplets moved off campus where they lived together during their sophomore, junior and senior years.

“My favorite part about living together was in the evening when we would sit around and talk about our day. I loved sharing stories about our day-to-day experiences,” said Tiffany.

The triplets each stressed that Shippensburg feels like a “second home” and will always be a special place to them.

They decided to attend Shippensburg because of the community atmosphere they felt when they visited their older sister Jamie while she was a student before graduating in 2010.

Tiffany and Katie are seeking teaching positions in the Lancaster area while Lindsay plans on pursuing her master’s in social work.

“I’m glad the three of us experienced college together. We experienced all the other milestones in life together so it was nice to share this experience as well,” said Katie.

Tiffany is very happy the triplets chose Shippensburg together. She could not imagine going through college without Lindsay and Katie by her side. “People say that college is the best four years of your life. So I thought, why no spend it with your two best friends who also just happen to be your sisters?”