Accomplishments by SU faculty, others 5.2.16

Following is a list of recent presentations, awards, honors and other achievements by or to Shippensburg University faculty and other members of the campus community.

  • Dr. Wendy S. Becker, professor of management and marketing, was one of 53 researchers invited to the National Science Foundation funded CSR Summit: The Micro-Processes of Social Responsibility in Organizations in Anaheim, Calif., April 12 to 13.
  • Dr. Kent Chrisman, professor of early childhood education, was invited to share the 5th Edition of his co-authored book, Families, Schools and Communities by the Library of Social Science. The book exhibit will be at the 2016 meeting of the Jean Piaget Society June 9 to 11 in Chicago. The book was co-authored with Donna Couchenour, professor emerita.
  • Dr. Kenneth France, professor of psychology, and Dr. Kim Weikel, associate professor of psychology had their book, Helping Skills for Human Service Workers: Building Relationships and Encouraging Productive Change (3rd edition), favorably reviewed in the May issue of Health & Social Work.
  • Dr. Robert Hewitt, professor emeritus of social work & gerontology, was an invited workshop presenter recently at Shippensburg University’s Institute for Social Inclusion (INSINC) Conference. His workshop, “Finding the Heart of Cultural Humility: A Lifelong Journey,” focused on the importance of humility when serving others and how arrogance and lack of humbleness on the part of the person provid­ing professional human service assistance can impede cultural humility, especially when serving diverse populations and others. The session was presented to social work students, professional human service, education, and other persons. The work­shop learning objectives allowed participants to obtain an overview of the tenets of cultural humility: To increase awareness and appreciation for humility when serving diverse populations; and to increase understanding that professional human service growth and development is a lifelong journey and calls for continuous self-reflection.
  • Dr. Ian M. Langella, professor of supply chain management, recently reviewed an article on sustainable supply chain management under different carbon policies for the International Journal of Sustainable Engineering.
  • Dr. Kathryn Shirk, assistant professor of physics, directed projects by two of her students that were accepted to the March APS Meeting in Baltimore. Robyn Col­lette and Daniel Rosen did the research poster “Fabrication of a Three Dimensional Particle Focusing Microfluidic Device Using a 3D Printer, PDMS, and Glass.” Rosen presented the research March 3 at the conference which had an estimated attendance of 10,000 physicists. The research and travel was funded by the phys­ics department, the Dean of Arts and Sciences, the Undergraduate Research Grant Program, and a CFEST Faculty Travel Grant.
  • Dr. Jonathan Skaff, professor of history, delivered the annual M. I. Rostovtzeff Lectures at the New York University Institute for the Study of the Ancient World. The four-part series was titled “Silk Roads and Steppe Roads of Medieval China: History Unearthed from Tombs.” Skaff was also elected to the Board of Directors of the T’ang Studies Society, the professional organization promoting the study and understanding of China’s Tang Dynasty (618-907).
  • Dr. Cheryl A. Slattery, associate professor of teacher education, presented a work­shop at the International Association of Laboratory Schools Annual Conference 2016 on April 29 in Ponce, Puerto Rico. The conference theme was Beyond Labora­tory Schools: Transforming Lives. Her workshop was “Embracing effective literacy intervention: Charting the course throughout the community.”
  • Ten faculty members were involved in the recent annual Math & Computer Sci­ence Day April 5. This year’s event hosted high school students from the region in a team computer programming competition, an individual mathematics contest, and a Julia Robinson Mathematics Festival supported by the American Institute of Mathematics. Faculty participating were Lance Bryant, Sarah N. Bryant, Dudley Girard, Doug Ensley, Ben Galluzzo, Kim Presser, Diane McNichols, Dave Ken­nedy, James Hamblin, and Marc Renault. Assisting with the program were staff associates Jody Burdge and Nancy Thomas. A total of 90 students from 15 high school participated.