Student Focus: Sandra Kimborowicz '18

Sandra-Kimborowicz-Feature-Story-SmallerIf you stroll across campus with junior Sandra Kimborowicz, be sure to plan ample time. The international management major knows and greets nearly everyone she passes.

“I love Ship,” she said. “I couldn’t imagine myself anywhere else.”

That school spirit is evident through her campus involvement. Kimborowicz is a member of the Student Tour Guide and Admissions Representatives (STAR), the Orientation Team, Ski Team, Adventure Club, Circle K, and recently joined SU’s Cross Country Team. She said staying involved keeps her on a schedule.

“That’s exactly what motivates me. I’ve always heard that college is a place to recreate yourself, and that’s exactly what I did at Ship.”

Aside from student life, Kimborowicz is focused on getting the most out of her education. She’s a woman leader in the John L. Grove College of Business and already is refining her resume to see where her experience might lead her.

This summer, she took a faculty-led study abroad course for three weeks in Europe. The students in Dr. Niel Brasher’s political science elective visited seven countries plus Vatican City, providing her with a wealth of new international skills.

The class of twenty spent the first week in Belgium with different host families. Kimborowicz was the only one not partnered with another Ship student. She said staying with a Belgian family immersed her in the local culture as she ate with them, learned from them, and went sightseeing with them.

Students then traveled to Greece, the Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland, France, and Spain. Having talked about their various destinations before jetting off, the class also held discussions on the trip, kept detailed journal entries, and concluded by writing papers about their experiences.

“At first, it was a lot of culture shock,” she said. “There was a language barrier. We learned a lot the hard way, but it’s the best way.”

In addition to learning about the politics and culture of the countries they visited, Kimborowicz took advantage of trying “weird foods,” learning about architecture, riding a donkey, and cliff diving.

She carried her personable disposition abroad, taking time to meet and speak with everyone she could. That approach helped her to gain a new perspective about the United States. People often asked them about the upcoming election and Kimborowicz said, “sometimes it felt like they knew more about America than we do.”

“I definitely brought home a lot from this trip. This changed my view on a lot of things. We feel like, as Americans, the world revolves around us, but it’s so much more about relying on each other, learning different mannerisms, and being respectful.”

Kimborowicz also developed a tight group of friends from across disciplines during the trip. Upon their return, she said they established a Facebook group, shared and compiled photos and videos from the trip, and already are discussing taking another study-abroad course together.

“I hope to study abroad again. The day we came home, we wanted to go again,” she said. “Getting experience from study abroad is amazing, and the best time to go is in college.”