Just the Basics

  • Students are not required to disclose their disability to faculty and faculty can not ask.
  • Note takers: I rely on volunteer note takers.
    • Faculty are not required to give lecture notes to students (union contract/copyright)
  • Students must fulfill the requirements of the course.
    • Donot modify course requirements (fewer assignments or papers)
    • Do not give the student a "take home" exam unless the entire class is doing a take home exam.
  • An accomodation cannot lower the standards or change the objectives of the program/course
  • Alternate Testing Site
    • This is a distraction free site (so if you use your office, unplug the phone)
    • This testing site is at the discretion of the faculty, not the students' choice
    • If an exam is taken in the Office of Disability Services (ODS), we recommend the student take the exam the same day as the rest of the class and we try to test the student as close to the class test time as possible. ALL exams given in ODS are proctored.
      • Exceptions: night classes, conflict of class times
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