Calendar of Student Needs

While this is not a comprehensive list, the calendar of common student needs will give you a general idea of what your student will be going through in their first year of college. This guide can help you to better connect with your student's needs and if you become concerned about your student, please feel free to contact the services listed in the campus recourse tab on the left of this page. For those of you checking out the page before school starts, it is always recommended that you talk with your student about the topics listed below.


Homesickness Values Exploration Financial Concerns
Roommate Conflicts Social Life
Adjustment Relationships(New vs. Old)


Midterms Time Management Relationship Anxieties
Homesickness Withdrawing from school Scheduling Classes
Alcohol Consumption


Procrastination High Stress Alcohol Consumption
Depression/Anxiety Roommate Difficulties


Finals Friendships (New vs. Old) Finances
Time Strain Transition to Home (i.e rules)


Weight Gain Reincorporating Social Life Academics


Depression Spring Break Finances
Stress Housing Next Year


Midterms Summer Finances Lack of Motivation


Academics Time Management Arranging Summer Jobs
Finances Relationships


Finals Summer Finances Readjust to Home Life
Missing Friends Anxiety for next year